Shocking: Jews Use Historical 1939 Warsaw Phone Book to Create “Restitutions” Database

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

When whites discover a phone book of considerable historical value, they donate it to a museum.

When Jews discover a phone book of considerable historical value, their eyes light up with the fire of six million New Israeli Shekels.


In the small park behind the only synagogue in this city to have survived World War II, Yoram Sztykgold looks around with a perplexed expression.

An 82-year-old retired architect, Sztykgold immigrated to Israel after surviving the Holocaust in Poland. He tries in vain to recognize something from what used to be his childhood home.

“It’s no use,” he says after a while. “To me this could be anywhere.”

Sztykgold’s unfamiliarity with the part of Grzybowska Street where he spent his earliest years is not due to any memory loss. Like most of Warsaw, his parents’ apartment building was completely bombed out during the war and leveled, along with the rest of the street. His former home is now a placid park that is a favorite hangout for mothers pushing baby carriages and pensioners his age.

Ugh. These Holohoax survivor articles always begin with a sentimental, violin-playing “oy vey, woe is me” introduction to set the scene.

Okay, we get it; Yoram’s former neighborhood has changed beyond recognition. That’s something us privileged whites will never understand, of course. Our former neighborhoods look exactly the same as they did during our childhoods.

Exactly the same.

Here’s where the hand-rubbing kicks in:

The dramatic changes in Warsaw’s landscape have bedeviled efforts for decades to obtain restitution for privately owned properties like Sztykgold’s childhood home, making it difficult for survivors like him to identify assets that may have belonged to their families.

But for many restitution claimants in the capital, identifying assets will become easier thanks to a recent breakthrough with an unlikely source: the establishment of a first-of-its-kind searchable database. Users need only type in the name of their family to obtain a complete overview of all the assets they may claim under a new restitution drive in Warsaw.

It’s a high-tech tool only made possible thanks to the recent discovery of an unpublished phone book from 1939.

The World Jewish Restitution Organization, or WJRO, set up the database in December 2016. It allowed a relative of Sztykgold to get the first definitive list of the assets the family had in Warsaw before the war, when they headed a real-estate empire.

What’s with the kike obsession with “restitutions” for events that happened almost three-quarters of a century ago? They act like they’re the only people that lost assets during WWII.

The Luftwaffe bombings destroyed an estimated 84 percent of Warsaw during the war, and up to 7,000 people – most of them white Poles – died during the September 1939 bombing alone. Good luck finding any organizations that provide ongoing restitutions for those Poles or their descendants.

Meanwhile, there are a countless number of Jewish WWII organizations that exist for the sole purpose of transferring wealth from Europeans to “Holocaust survivors” like Yoram Sztykgold, even though:

  • The Holocaust didn’t happen
  • Jews started and uniquely benefited from WWII, and
  • Jews are the racial enemies of Europe and have no rightful claim to any of its assets, not even the ones that they previously “owned”

TL;DR: Get the hell out of Europe you blood-drinking parasites!

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