Shocker: Obese ‘Beauty’ Blogger Wants You to Accept Obese People

Daily Stormer
January 23, 2017

Spot the ‘beauty’ blogger

We live in a time where mental patients tell us to accept mental patients.

Full grown adults with identity issues tell us to accept adults with identity issues.

Women not dealing with their baggage (feminists) tell us to accept women that are not dealing with their baggage.

Jigaboos that are criminals tell us to accept Jigaboos that are criminals or could grow up to be criminals.

Refugees who are manipulative and conniving, tell us to let them in our countries.

And you know what – I’m not surprised by that.

Why should I be surprised that men and women who are mentally struggling (or trying to take advantage of us like the refugees) are trying to get others to pat them on the back and assure them that they’re normal.

These groups are working purely for their own best interest.

The left is made up of those that are in desperate need of psychiatric help

We used to deal with these people by throwing all the looneys (oops – can’t use that word anymore, can we?) into mental asylums.

They were removed from society.

Let’s so those crazy feminists protest Trump from where they rightfully belong- locked up in a big building on a hill.

We did not enable them.

We did not pat them on the back.

We did not label them as ‘unique.’

So this is just another looney trying to get other people to accept them and their long list of issues.

Daily Mail:

What with the never-ending stream of perfect bodies on Instagram, alongside fit mums and others who appear to bounce back almost immediately after giving birth, it can be hard for women to feel good about their bodies.

I would just like to interject here.

Because I laugh at how the media and it’s mindless viewers have an issue when a woman shares her wonderful postpartum body, which she worked hard for.

The media loves to spread stories of fat ugly women that are too lazy to get their body back, because the media is a Christ-Killer owned industry that enjoys keeping white women from having children.

How dare she make women feel bad about their couch potato bodies.

7 months later and as you can see this woman put a lot of effort into getting her body back.
Not a lazy person at all.

They continuously spread this ridiculous rumour that pregnancy destroys your body (despite how many women have proved this too be absolutely false) and idiots eat it up.

And you know why the readers eat it up?

Because women naturally feel better about themselves when they read about lazy females who have a super crappy body.

This is just one of the reasons why the Australian blogger, Olivia White, has released a new video and campaign surrounding women’s body image and self esteem.

Titled I AM #MORETHANMYBODY, the video shows nine women talking frankly about their figures and how they learned to love themselves.

The powerful footage invites people to see women as ‘more than’ simply their shape or size.

The word fat is just a body shape. It doesn’t mean that you’re lazy, it doesn’t mean you lack discipline,‘ one of the women included in the project said.

I want to make sure that I have the same influence on my daughter as my mum had on me,‘ another added.

What does she want to influence her daughter to do? Put on lots of weight? ‘Enjoy life’ by buying herself an early death?

When you love your daughter so much you teach her how to slowly kill herself

One woman, Alys’s, tale is particularly resonant, as even though she says she still hasn’t reached the ‘nirvana of body acceptance and self love‘, she argues that she has had enough of body shaming:

Fat is not bad. Thin is not good. Fat is not lazy. Thin is not industrious. Fat is not sick. Thin is not healthy…

Women are being taught to hate themselves… We are fat shamed and in the next breath we are skinny-shamed,‘ Alys said.

If you are obese and it’s not ‘muh genetics’ then yes, you are fat because you are lazy. If you were active and ate well then you wouldn’t be fat. This isn’t hard to understand.

Also, where do these women hang out? Who is telling them to hate themselves? I’m genuinely confused by this as I live in a world that preaches body acceptance.

There’s more than enough support for those eating themselves to a heart attack

If you live in a world that shuns lazy pigs, then I’m highly jealous.

Another woman who took part in the project, Anueta, spoke of battling sexual abuse in the past and ‘fighting’ her body throughout her teenage years.

But since she has had a child, Anueta said: ‘I couldn’t care less that I’m not back to my pre-baby body yet, my baby doesn’t care either‘.

Yes, because a woman battling sexual abuse is certainly someone who is mentally healthy enough to give direction and guidance to others.

This is just another classic example of the the blind leading the blind.

It’s easier to gain acceptance than put the food down.

Then can try to convince themselves and others as much as they want, but men will always prefer women who look after themselves. Only a man with a strange fetish would go after an obese elephant.

No sane person will ever naturally prefer this:

to this:

Also it’s nothing to honestly waste your time on, but you can watch her full pro-diabetes video here