SHOCK: The Catholic Church has a Big Homo Problem Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2018

The fact of reality is that in the modern Western world, we have virtually eliminated all concept of the divine. The spiritual realities that our ancestors understood through history and before, in various forms, have been buried by Jews under mountains of plastic crap, gross and substanceless rhetoric and “the pursuit of happiness” (material pleasure) – everything designed to stimulate the baser urges of man, and prevent him from seeking out the metaphysical.

This is not the middle ages, when men would spend their days walking alone in the woods and considering the mysteries of divinity, imagining ways to reach out towards it. There is no great art to inspire us. There is no solid family structure in order to produce in us a drive to serve the greater family of our society.

We are God’s lost children.

We live in the Kali Yuga, when the material world has overcome the spiritual nature of man, driven him into an animal state.

And this isn’t really something that you can escape. You can try your best, but ultimately, because it is something you are born into, you are tainted by this disease, whether you like it or not, and the only truly meaningful thing you can do is try to create a better world for future generations.

So when you see men signing up to forego sex in order to pursue higher spiritual purpose – people who grew up watching the same sitcoms, shopping at the same Walmarts and eating at the same fast food chains as everyone else – what does it look like is going on? Does it seem normal?

And then when you add the element of “unlimited access to pubescent boys” – what should then be the obvious assumption?

There are half a million Catholic priests on the planet. Men who ostensibly signed up to never have sex with women so they could pursue spiritual enlightenment. And they are signing up for this job still, even while it has been known for decades that the Catholic clergy is at least in large part a cult of pederasts.

What can anyone expect from this situation?


A grand jury in Pennsylvania released a 1,300-page report on Tuesday detailing allegations that nearly 1,000 children were sexually abused by 300 “predator priests” over the last 70 years.

The report claims that the Roman Catholic Church spent decades covering up claims against leaders in the church, including bishops, archbishops, and cardinals across six dioceses in Pennsylvania.

Here are some of the allegations in the report:

  • A priest in Greensburg groomed middle school students for oral sex by telling them Mary had to “bite off the cord” and “lick” Jesus clean after he was born, according to the grand jury.
  • The grand jury discovered a “ring of predatory priests” who would share information about their victims and were “exchanging the victims amongst themselves,” according to the report. The ring of priests also allegedly produced child pornography and used whips, violence, and sadism in raping their victims.
  • A priest in Frackville sexually abused a 14-year-old altar boy in the 1970s and is said to have dragged him across the floor by his underwear and beaten him with a metal cross, according to the grand jury. After leaving the church to get married, the priest was reportedly given a reference by the diocese for a job at Walt Disney World, where he worked as a train driver in the Magic Kingdom for 15 years.
  • Within the Erie diocese, a priest confessed to orally and anally raping at least 15 boys, some as young as seven years old. When the bishop later met with the abuser, he called the priest a “person of candor and sincerity” and applauded him “for the progress he had made” in controlling his “addiction.” Years later, the abuser was finally removed from the priesthood.
  • Some priests would allegedly give their victims crosses, not just as a grooming technique, but as a “visible designation that these children were victims of sexual abuse.”
  • In Harrisburg, a priest allegedly abused five sisters from the same family, as well as some of their relatives, in the 1980s. He also collected samples of their urine, pubic hair, and menstrual blood, according to the report.
  • One priest allegedly raped a seven-year-old girl while visiting her in the hospital after she had her tonsils removed.
  • Another priest forced a nine-year-old boy to give him oral sex, “then rinsed out the boy’s mouth with holy water to purify him,” according to the grand jury.
  • A priest in Scranton discovered he had been HIV-positive for years while he was serving prison time for abusing children, according to the report.
  • One Pennsylvania priest admitted to molesting boys, but denied reports from two girls who said they had been abused, saying “they don’t have a penis,” the grand jury said.
  • In Allentown, a priest admitted to sexually molesting a boy, but he was left in ministry for several years after asking for help, the grand jury said.

So the surprising thing is that girls were involved in this.

If you look at this Wikipedia list, the scandals are almost all homosexual in nature.

The rest of it has to be considered standard. I can’t imagine anyone being shocked. It is simply the obvious thing that you would expect to be happening in a world that is obsessed with the material and men are claiming to be willing to forego sex to be a part of an organization that alleges to serve a higher spiritual purpose but by all appearances is a leftist political lobbying group.

For the record, the Pope’s response to this has been: *shrug*

He will presumably come out and make some statement, as he has in the past when these scandals have been uncovered. There was not too long ago a big one in South America, and he said “oh yeah that’s bad, oh.”

To be Clear

I am not saying that every priest is a pederast – some of them are heterosexual pedophiles!

No but seriously though, I’m sure there are some good ones. I guess.

I would also argue that this is a mainly modern phenomenon. I think most priests, historically, before this weird new era of spiritual death, were genuine in their desire to serve God.

Furthermore, in the old days, it was sort of a known thing that a priest would sometimes lose his nerve, put on plain clothes, and hit up a brothel. And then repent, and all would be well again. Maybe he would do it every couple months, maybe every couple years, maybe some wouldn’t do it at all – but it was something that the Church understood was going to happen, and didn’t make a big deal out of it, even if they got caught.

However, at some point over the last 70 years, the Catholic clergy has become a pederastic cult, which I believe – and which evidence continues to demonstrate – is completely run by homosexuals.

Homosexuality is mainly spread through sexual abuse. So alterboys who were abused go on to become priests and abuse new alterboys. And this is just the basic way the clergy functions.

And yes, I do believe that the Pope himself is almost certainly a homosexual. That would certainly explain his behavior, both in dealing with the homosexual issue and in dealing with everything else. He appears to be trying to collapse the entire religion in on itself.

The Catholic Church is Dead

It is clear that the Church is dead.

Not simply the Catholic Church, but all the other churches. They are no longer serving the purpose they were created to serve, and are now parasitical and destructive engines of social, political and spiritual subversion.

It’s sad. But that is the thing.

But God lives. For God is greater than any institution of man. He is the order of nature itself.

And from the ashes, a new way of understanding the Living God will rise.

We are all a part of this history.

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