SHOCK! Majority of Koreans Don’t Think Foreigners Turn Korean the Second They Set Foot in Korea! SHOCK!

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January 10, 2017

I’m so SHOCKED I literally can’t.

I can’t believe we’re 10 days in the current CURRENT YEAR and some people still believe in the pseudoscience of biology.

And I’m not surprised this is from South Korea, Koreans have always been the most White Supremacist of all Asians.

Korea Times:

More than six out of 10 Koreans do not view migrant workers as “members of Korea,” a survey showed Wednesday, indicating the country still has a long way to go until becoming a truly multiracial society.


That’s why it’s called “Korea” in the first place, because everybody can be Korean.

According to the Overseas Korea Foundation’s survey of 820 adults nationwide, 61.1 percent of respondents have difficulties in accepting migrant workers as members of society, a sign of deteriorating public opinion toward non-Koreans.

In the foundation’s 2013 survey, only 57.5 percent said they did not accept them as members of Korean society.

I’ll bet this is the alt-right’s fault.

Those evil bastards are brainwashing Koreans into believing in White supremacy!

South Korea was already one of the most racist countries in the world, but Nazis like Stefan Molyneux and Jordan Peterson have aggravated the situation.

OMG this hatred in CURRENT YEAR I cant’ even

The foundation didn’t ask for reasons behind the respondents’ viewpoint, but concluded that a recent economic downturn was to blame.“Bad economic conditions seemed to have contributed,” Lee Sung-june from GRI Research, which was commissioned to conduct the survey, said. “This won’t help Korea to grow and become a more diverse and open society. Something has to be done to overcome it.”

Of course that’s what it’s all about. Economics is the only logical reason why people would prefer to be surrounded by their so-called own kind, instead of a rainbow of races and colors and languages and creeds.

If Korea just implements more socialism, then this irrational hatred will just disappear entirely.

The result reflected traditional Korean society that believes in homogeneity.

As Korea’s economic growth draws many foreigners looking for opportunities or to travel, more foreign visitors and residents complain about racial discrimination.

Wait… You just said that there are economic problems there. So why are there more people coming in for the economic growth if the economy is getting worse?


I just remembered – Marx once wrote in Das Kapital that in capitalism, people can get poorer and richer at the same time, because that’s how the bourgeoisie created the system to oppress workers through racism!

It all makes sense now!

The negative attitude toward foreigners also serves as an obstacle for the government that is considering opening up the labor market for immigrants. Many experts warned that with a working population that is rapidly declining, the government must pursue an active immigration policy that makes up for this. But public opinion is apparently leading it to remain on the sidelines.


I can’t believe any government still cares about the “people’s” opinions in CURRENT YEAR!

Have you forgotten Trump and Brexit?!?!?!

That’s where “public opinion” always leads to.

It leads to people who have the ignorance to think that their country doesn’t belong to everybody in the universe, including animals and currently undiscovered aliens, hating people who just come there for the human right that is other people’s achievements and welfare .

The only opinion that matters is that of Jews, since they were chosen by GOD and as such are beyond reproach.

 One positive aspect shown in the survey was that 57.1 percent acknowledged that they were not open enough to and discriminative of foreigners.

But what if these vile nazis meant it as a good thing?

Asked about foreigners living in Korea for a long period of time, 57.3 percent answered they had no problem with this, down from 62.1 percent in 2013. Those who showed outright opposition were 13.4 percent, up from 12.3 percent. Almost 30 percent said their answer would change depending on where the foreigners came from, showing discrimination.


Not only do these vile Nazis think they’re different from “foreigners,” but they think the “foreigners” are different from each other!


Asked about interracial marriage, 34.3 percent of single respondents answered they would marry a foreigner, while 65.7 percent said they wouldn’t. Yet, asked about having a non-Korean family member, 65.7 percent answered they had no problems with that.

I’d like to become serious for a (very) short time and remind you that the vast, overwhelming majority of foreigners in South Korea are other gooks:

The majority of said gooks are Chinese, which outside of the language are virtually indistinguishable from Koreans.

If the majority of Koreans don’t like foreigners who are overwhelmingly just like them and could realistically assimilate within their country with no problems – can you imagine how they’d feel about being flooded with niggers, mestizos, Arabs, sub-continentals and other subhuman vermin?

I wonder (((why))) we have don’t a problem with it…

I wonder what the (((difference))) is between White countries and Asian countries…

Top Comments

  1. I’d like to see the same results for north Korea side

  2. Only 34% in current year?! We need to build these gooks some holocaust museums!

  3. North Korea is the most homogeneous nation in the world.

  4. I can promise you they can distinguish them just fine. Not only by looks but by their behavior as well.

    In Europe there are massive white migrations also. These migrations very one sided, almost entirely from south towards north. And while said migrations are not nearly as devastating as non-whites pouring in, this white multiculturalism isnt something positive either.

    I got no reason to believe its anything different for gooks.

  5. Now, WHY THE FUCK is multiculturalism seen as some requirement for something?
    What do they mean by “members” of something?
    What we’re talking about here is a nation’s people and not a corporation/company profile…

    The foreign nationals in SK will not consider themselves “members of Korea” anyway (unless they are immigrants) since most of them are contract workers who go there temporarily to work for some reasons (bigger pay, in the case of those coming from countries that rank low in the economic totem pole).
    These folks will go back home to their home countries eventually to start a business in their own country from the money they saved up from working in Korea… maybe once all their children finish college.
    All those who choose to permanently live there will have to abide with the immigration laws.

    Not Koreans.
    Not those foreign nationals working/touring in Korea.


  6. Polak says:

    >the ultimate sacrifice for the jewish masters

  7. Perhaps circumcision has some sort of long-lasting neurological/psychological effect, but I suspect the main reason the Jews are into promoting circumcision among gentiles is so that they won’t be recognized as Jews by the female population.

  8. Polak says:

    Nah. It goes way deeper.

    • Fact 1: In the ancient Rome there was another shoah, hundreds of thousands of kikes got murdered.
    • Fact 2: Romans were looking for the kikes by checking if someone has a foreskin or not
    • Fact 3: Nazis said that at Medical University in Berlin in 1920s 60% of students were jewish, even though they were making up only 1% of the society
    • Fact 4: The largest Jewish minority is in the US
    • Fact 5: (((American))) health organization promote circumcision

    those fucking rats are afraid
    I dunno why did they target South Korea, though

  9. Polak says:

    True, I am thinking myself about moving Western Europe or America and spend there a few years, just saving money for a nice single house, $300k and I that’s all what I need

    From the other side, the trend is changing and Westerns are slowly moving here - permanently. Brits are losing some good genes

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