Shock as Jews Bombing Gaza Again for No Reason

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2018

Here’s something that no one ever could have predicted.


Israeli fighter jets have carried out strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza strip, in response to the violence and “terrorist acts” the group instigated at the border, as well as cross-border rocket launches, the IDF said.

“Tonight, IDF fighter jets targeted an attack terror tunnel in southern Gaza, in addition to several terror sites throughout Gaza, among them complexes used to prepare arson terror attacks and a Hamas terror training facility,” the IDF said, posting a video of the strike.

The strikes, the army said, were conducted in response to Hamas-instigated violence along the security fence at the Israeli-Gaza border, and to the cross-border arson attacks which, the IDF claimed, damages Israeli land on a daily basis.

It just never ends with these Jews.

And okay – whatever – bomb your neighbors.

But in the US, due to laws created by JEWS, as soon as a brown person sets foot on our soil it starts a five year lawsuit.

The same JEWS who create those laws lobby in support of Israel’s right to bomb their neighbors.

Literally, the exact same Jews in Congress.

I mean – can you even imagine anything more obvious?

But the JEWS have successfully created a situation where you can’t point out they’re Jewish. You can’t say the word. You can’t suggest that this is an alien group of people with alien interests.

And even saying “Chuck Schumer is supporting mass brown immigration into the United States while supporting Israel randomly bombing their brown neighbors and slaughtering civilians constantly” will get you labeled an ANTI-SEMITIC NEO-NAZI HATER. Just making the observation, without placing any value judgement – you’re doomed.

Just saying “Hm. This seems contradictory…” – BOOM, you are now a neo-Nazi, you will be hunted and have your life destroyed by massive Jewish ethnic warfare institutions.

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