Shitlord Rising

Rudolf von Flügel
The Right Stuff
August 30, 2016


It’s been a yuuge couple of weeks for the Alt Right. Fash The Nation celebrated its one-year anniversary, The Daily Shoah reached its third season and Hillary Clinton let the whole nation know what the Alt-Right is. It’s been a big, fast year. I still feel like I’m getting my bearings. A lot of us do. Recently I spent time with a fellow fashy goy IRL (Shout-out to CTK) and I felt myself turn a corner. Even though we just hung out and talked, this simple event changed my mental landscape. It altered how I view myself in relation to the movement.

That brings me to my first question. Is the Alt-Right truly a ‘movement’? What constitutes a ‘movement’ exactly? Isn’t the Alt-Right more of an awakening? Something that was already there, just waiting to be revived? Although I’m relatively new to White Nationalism, I feel that I’ve been in the psycho-spiritual domain of everything the Alt-Right represents for a long time now. I remember when I was a relative normie and Pepe was just a silly meme frog. Now he’s been weaponized with all the latest death-dealing hardware that present-day memery can provide us with. He’s even been retweeted by the man himself (as our friends at the MSM faithfully remind us whenever the subject arises). When did things go so right?

It’s not all daisies and daffodils, unfortunately. For every positive there seems to be a concomitant negative. I’ve spoken to many Alt-Righters about this and there comes a point when we all begin to split our peers into Alt-Right and Not. At first I wanted to pretend that it wasn’t a form of elitism (The SWPL in me still lusting toward equality, no doubt). Now I embrace that aspect of it. Another part of me didn’t want to think I’d gotten so deep into a “new thing” that I could no longer see my way out. But then I took a few steps back and almost got run down by a Black Lives Matter “protest.” I realized then that part of the Red-Pilling process is waking up to the essential truth of what you ARE. Simply stepping into your existence, your birthright. That act is one of exclusion. You see yourself and your people as superior. You see the world that your ancestors built being stolen from under you. And you wonder: Is this truly my world? What are my feelings of stewardship based upon? Do I have a right to this?

Briefly looking into it, you see the stamp of mastery on everything that Whites have engaged in throughout history. Pick a category: history, biology, mythology, military prowess, business, etc. We have built up a rich tapestry of effort, sacrifice and domination that encircles all our endeavors. So the question remains: What shall we do with this world? We don’t have to wait for someone to “hand it to us,” to tell us “go ahead, it’s your turn.” It is ours. For all intents and purposes we built it. Might is indeed Right. Not to say that we should act like barbarians but we certainly need to separate some things. Just as the master gardener knows which vines grow best beside which trees and which ones will strangle the life out of their neighbors, so too must we use real-life experience to achieve our desired ends. We must begin moving things into a pleasing order based upon internal realities in order to have a harmonious garden.

As far as that goes, we’re definitely headed in the right direction. The media is constantly attacking us, yet they don’t realize that they’re throwing tinder on the fire. Or maybe they do? Just as the Jew will sell even his kith and kin out for enough shekels, so will the media burn itself to the ground with the fire it tried to stoke for us. Unfortunately for them, this is our element (Do you even know that we worship an Ancient Egyptian Chaos deity, bro??). Perhaps they assume, based on our diametrically opposed positions, that there is no possible way that our movement could ever gain steam. Wrong again, dweebs.

Why? Because of the implicit nature of the Alt-Right. Whether they realize it or not, every single White person in the United States will one day be a part of our movement. If demographic trends continue the way that they have we will be a minority in our own country within 50 years. We’re nowhere near that and you can see how successful Trump’s pseudo-racialist rhetoric has been. Of course, part of his success lies in the way that he’s used platforms such as Twitter to leverage attention.

As effective as it’s been in relation to the Alt-Right, the Internet can act as a double-edged sword in terms of amplification. Typically, it makes you think that more people are giving you attention than actually are. Not to mention the fact that many of the actors who will one day be a part of the Alt-Right don’t even care about Internet culture. Not to toss out Black Pills, I’m just reminding all interested parties not to rest on your laurels.

Simultaneously we have to remember our IRL achievements and celebrate them. Certainly we may fall into the category of a “vocal minority” but that’s a temporary state. For every one of us who has decided to take on an alter ego and enter the Meme War there are probably 3-10 normies who would cheer us on if they were aware of our struggles. I would venture to say that, given a large enough platform our radio rhetoric could turn normies full fash in no time.

Liberals would bemoan this, inevitably making references to the RTLMC and its role in the Rwandan genocide. As per usual they would be half-right and backwards; TRS radio shows are not whipping us into a genocidal frenzy, they’re merely giving voice to preexisting feelings about a genocide that’s already going on.

A year ago I would have scoffed at this. Now I see it as all too true. For all his White Pill revelations, Trump has also brought out the Brotherhood of the Black Pill (aka MSM, (((establishment climbers)))) in full force. One must be aware of these assaults and stay guarded at all times, for the enemy is nefarious and wily and the path strewn with black pills is a slippery one. Almost every form of media exists to sap Whites of their wealth and attention while simultaneously condemning them as the exclusive practitioners of Evil on Earth. As extreme as that sounds it’s true.

This is appealing to the broad coalition of anti-White advocates, many of who don’t even realize that’s what they’ve become. When this revelation is expressed to them they feign ignorance or even express cruel glee at the fact. Obviously they’re using ancient, Pre-White computer technology crafted in the Time of the Kangz because otherwise they’d have at least a little bit of respect for what we’ve accomplished.

Therein lies the magick of TRS. The humor that flows throughout our group acts as both a bond of brotherhood and a moat of separation. Those entitled liberals who have, for so long, claimed the monopoly on humor are effectively butthurt into submission by our dank memes. Furthermore, since they no longer represent the opposition their humor can’t actually be edgy; it’s just crass and annoying. They impotently cling to Trump jokes as if they’re going to change people’s minds. (((They))) even write children’s books about him. Write what you know, I suppose. Sad!

Their humor is inherently juvenile, in the sense that it has no real-life experience to back up its premises. The Left usually doesn’t even deal with immigrants or minorities. The most vocal elements remain completely insulated, trapped in an (((echo chamber))) of mutually reinforcing elements. Do you know how I know this? Because most of the things they believe are 95% emotion, 3% flawed line graphs and 2% Jewish. But believe me, that 2% accounts for a lot.

>inb4 the Alt-Right is just as juvenile. Of coursh it is. Part of our gestalt is the fact that we take our cues from tactics used by the N.S.D.A.P., either jokingly or in honor of their efforts (usually both). All of our memes are meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s also in the nature of memes to be simple and straightforward. The Left, so used to relying on walls of text (tl;dr) to “explain” their beliefs are driven mad by our gnomic jabs that strike straight to the heart of their pet notions. All they can do is whine and pour on the vitriol.

In the coming weeks leading up to Election Day the MSM will go full-tilt with their efforts at smearing the Alt-Right. We’re just so darn interesting, they can’t afford to pass up the opportunity. They will call us oafish trolls, immature basement-dwellers, anime fappers and hillbilly skinheads. While many of these claims could rightly be applied to certain outlier elements within our confederation, they are far from true for the typical member of the Alt-Right.

These are scary stories the Left tells itself to keep feeling smug and secure. As much as we deride the concept of “the big tent” in the Alt-Right, it’s largely true. There are many different subgroups that claim the Alt-Right as their domain. For all the differences, however, the average members of the Alt-Right share a few points of commonality. We’re overwhelmingly male, typically familiar with firearms, historically literate, proud of our culture and tired of the direction that time is flowing. That brings me to another point.

According to Savitri Devi, author of The Lightning and the Sun, there are three basic types upon which great men throughout time are modeled. (I will touch on this briefly as Lawrence Murray has already written an entire article about the subject.) The first type is “Lightning.” These types are characterized by swift, decisive action and a paucity of concern for deeper matters. They are also said to be acting “In Time.” “Sun” is the second type. Men who fall into this category find themselves lightly tethered to the physical world, forever concerned with matters “Above Time.” The last type is a composite of both the former, “Lightning and Sun.” These men are said to have blended both the qualities of introspection with those of aggressive, outward action. Devi describes them as “Men Against Time” (Hitler was, in her opinion, the greatest of these to have ever lived).

I would venture to say that most people in the Alt Right could be characterized as the latter, as “Men Against Time.” Basically, this means that we see the trend of time and we deny it. We see the values and achievements of our forebears as truly good and valuable; something to be emulated and exceeded. As Radix Journal tweeted recently, “#AltRightMeans having nostalgia for the future.”

So, to those who would stand against us I would say two things:

  1. You have the weight of time on your side. This appeals both to your vanity and your slovenly nature. It seems like a strength when in fact it’s a dreadful weakness. Just as government subsidies cause quality to slip, so does your lack of critical self-analysis “outside” of time.
  2. We will never stop. Once the Red Pill has been popped, there is no going back. Personally, I do not mourn what I have “lost” in the process. Sure, I can’t blithely sit by and watch world events in a detached way anymore, and yeah, maybe every movie is so hopelessly jewed up that I’d rather paint my wall 88 shades of white and watch it dry than check out the latest (((blockbuster))) but, hey. ‘Numbness’ and ‘lack of pain’ are not the same thing. I’ll choose righteous indignation over ignorant bliss any day (and I’d advise you to do the same).

Storm clouds are gathering, my friends, and when the thunder echoes through the hills you know the lightning isn’t far off. As men “against time” we must embrace that aspect of ourselves while tempering it with the introspective, timeless “Sun” qualities that allow us to tap into the immortal strength of our people. Of course, we never advocate violence here at TRS (perish the thought–with extreme prejudice) but I would be a bit rustled if I were a shitlib.

O! What did I hear rumbling in the distance? Probably just the wind.