Shitlib Representative Introduces Bill to “Abolish ICE”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2018

Let’s just abolish all law-enforcement, while we’re at it. Laws are racist.

There’s a big immigration problem in America.

Millions of illegals were pouring across the border, working without a visa, studying in our schools and using up our medical resources, even fraudulently voting in our elections.

In other words, everything was fine.

But then, some racist decided it was a good idea to create an organization to round these people up and throw them out of the country.

This is a huge problem, because it’s sad that they’re poor. And also, we need people to pay our pensions and pick our fruits or whatever.

Luckily, the brave House Democrats are on the case.


Democrats in Congress are introducing legislation to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

This is completely ridiculous. The Democratic party is being forced to adopt antifa-tier rhetoric just to appeal to segments of their own base.

This is the Democrat party now. PEAK OPTICS.

They know this kind of policy is electoral suicide. But a segment of their own base is so radicalized that if they don’t run with this nonsense, they’ll be viciously attacked from the left for being “cucks.”

The bill from Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan, a Democratic leader of the progressive caucus, would give Congress a year to develop a more “humane immigration enforcement system” and terminate ICE.

As far as “rounding up people and kicking them out of the country,” ICE is about as humane as you can get. It’s very humane. Let me tell you, if I was in charge, it’d be a lot less “humane.”

So this talk of abolishing ICE is transparently about stopping all enforcement of immigration law.

Key House Democrats are putting forward the legislation after public outcry over ICE immigration raids. ICE is conducting raids as part of Donald Trump’s crackdown on those living in the country illegally.

“Public outcry.”

The only outcry is from the media, antifa faggots and the beaners themselves. Normal Americans want these people put in cages. If anything, we’re outraged that these criminal spics are getting fed and cared for at our expense.

We need a petition to feed these people on stale bread and water exclusively.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan calls it “the craziest position” he’s ever seen. He told reporters that Democrats are now so far left of the American mainstream, they “have really jumped the sharks.”

I never thought I’d ever say this about Paul Ryan, but he’s not wrong.

He sure did change his tune tho.

I don’t remember what I made this meme for, but it couldn’t have been more than a year ago.

Ryan is a man totally devoid of any moral compass – he’ll do or say anything he believes will put him in a favorable position. So if he’s saying this, it means the political winds are blowing hard against the beaner invasion.

This bill has no chance of being passed whatsoever. It’s purely a virtue signal from the Democratic party to the brown wing of their base meant to delay the entire party from being ripped apart.

Basically, the rise of populism is forcing the globo-homo coalition to collapse, as their divergent interests are no longer coinciding. The brown people want to form a block to defend their interests aggressively, while the Jews and liberals would rather slowly and methodically poz-up America, which in the current climate would require making compromises on immigration and other minority issues.

This is not a rift that can be reconciled, unless the Jews can somehow regain control over their pets. But it’s far too late for that. They’ve spend decades agitating them into a frenzy of hate for White people, and now the beast is out of control.

The more this “abolish ICE” angle is pushed, the more extreme the “red wave” will be at the midterms.

And they know it. But if brown people get fed up with the Jew-corporate-homo wing of the Democratic party, they’ll have even worse problems to contend with.

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