Shimon Peres and the “Shiksas”

Diversity Macht Frei
March 16, 2018

“I’m not kidding. They were this big!”

Shimon Peres was, at various times, the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and President of Israel. Avi Gil was his long-time adviser. Gil is publishing a memoir revealing some intimate details of the now deceased “great man”.

Or the passage in which Gil describes Peres’ abrupt shift “from a discussion of philosophical issues to stand-up performances.” “In off-the-wall conversations, which sometimes repeated themselves in a kind of ritual that an outsider wouldn’t understand,” Gil would ask his team, “Did you notice the gorgeous shiksa who came onto the plane with us?” Peres, he writes, “would quickly play his part and say, ‘Tell me, Avi, have you ever done it with a shiksa?’ My role was to play the innocent: ‘But, Shimon, what’s the difference? You know, all women are created with the same anatomy.’


“Peres looked at me as though I were the last of the fools, and explained, ‘Our Jewesses are doing you a favor. As if they’re suffering from it. Something always hurts them, bothers them. Shiksas, on the other hand, enjoy every minute, they have no complexes, they like to pamper you and they invest their whole heart in the mission.’ Naturally, he would be ready for my inevitable next question: ‘Where did you get this information about all these differences?’ His demure answer: ‘Friends have told me.’”

Source: Haaretz

Shiksa is a pejorative word for a non-Jewish female, although it is somtimes used as an insult against Jewish females. The word has connotations of impurity and uncleanliness. It could be considered a form of hate speech.

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