Seventh Suspook Arrested for Involvement in Murder of Young White Man

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2019

Kenneth Khesahn Altonia Harvey.

All eight of the people connected to this murder are various shades of ape, but the crime itself barely got a mention in the international news.

Methinks that wouldn’t be the case if eight whites brutally killed an angelic dindu in his home.


Madison police say they’re seeking extradition from Florida for the seventh of eight suspects in a May murder.

Kenneth Khesahn Altonia Harvey was arrested in Jacksonville, Fla., Thursday morning by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, police said.

Madison police have warrants for murder and burglary against Harvey, who is the last suspect sought in the May 9 murder of Luke Robert Pratt.

Pratt was killed at a home on Skyline Road during what police said was an attempt to rob and steal drugs.

Hunter Moore and Austin Holmes are charged with capital murder for Pratt’s death. Logan Cypret, Hunter Dubois, Kenneth Harvey, Caeleb Kegley, Lucas Kemp and Barry Watts are also charged with murder. Logan Cypret has not yet turned himself in to police.

Police had said they believed Harvey was hiding in Florida, and that he saw Jacksonville Beach police take Lucas Kemp into custody on a beach there and left the area.

Luke Robert Pratt.

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