Sean Hannity’s Interview with Julian Assange

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2017

I remember Sean Hannity used to be the worst bastard. I mean, he was always personable, but that’s how he got away with pushing the worst ideas. This guy used to just go on and on and on about how “what’s best for America is to stop Saddam’s nuclear weapons program.” He was basically an unapologetic mouthpiece for the Bush ZOG government. He also wasn’t any kind of real journalist – just a guy on TV talking, the equivalent of a sportscaster for wars.

My, how things have changed.

This guy is great now. To the point where Julian Assange, who can do interviews with anyone, is choosing him for his interviewer.

The interview is good, definitely worth watching. No huge surprises or anything. Similar to the radio interview they did together a couple weeks ago.

They just go through the Russian hacking accusations, which I don’t think anyone in the world actually takes seriously. Honestly, I don’t even think the sycophantic Hillary supporters believe this stuff. The media in the past has been so successful with getting people to repeat whatever narrative they present, they think they can just tell people anything, and I think the “Russian hackers” narrative is the point at which that stops. It’s an historic event.

If anyone was going along with it – and I see no evidence that they were – the WaPo putting out that fake story about Vermont’s utility systems being hacked by the Russians had to have been the end of it.

Assange also pointed out that “a 14-year-old kid” could have hacked the Podesta emails. That’s a point I’ve been trying to make that a lot of people seem to be skipping over. We have it in the emails themselves that Podesta responded to a very basic phishing email.