Scientific Breakthrough: The Homo Detector

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2017


We often discuss the future of automation and artificial intelligence here at the Daily Stormer. Particularly, its economic impact and the potential these technologies have to drastically reduce the need for human labor. However, there might be some uses for sophisticated AI that even we couldn’t foresee.

Automatic algorithmic detection of perverts and degenerates is a field with boundless potential for really improving the lives of normal people in a fundamental way.

Imagine you could tell if people are a fudge-packers before renting your apartment to them. Or before you hire them. Or before you let them watch over your kids.

This is going to be a billion dollar industry.

The Guardian:

A Stanford University study showing that artificial intelligence (AI) can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on their faces has sparked a swift backlash from LGBT rights activists who fear this kind of technology could be used to harm queer people.

Yeah, I’d be worried too if I was them.

These people know, deep down, that everyone hates their guts. So as flamboyant as they like to be when they think they can get away with it, homos do feel safe knowing that they can potentially hide their debauched sex lives to avoid potential social consequences.

That anyone could instantly unmask them using this technology must make them feel very uneasy.

The research, which went viral this week, used a sample of online dating photos, limited only to white users, to demonstrate that an algorithm could correctly distinguish between gay and straight men 81% of the time and 74% for women, suggesting machines can potentially have much better “gaydar” than humans.

This is only the early stages of this research.

Basically a proof of concept.

Imagine what levels of accuracy we could get out of this if we poured a few million dollars in R&D. We could probably abort homo fetuses before they’re even born. Not that anyone would want to do that…

We at Daily Stormer are anti-abortion. However, anyone would have to admit that selectively aborting homos would be really funny.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Glaad, two of the most prominent LGBTQ organizations in the US, slammed the study on Friday as “dangerous and flawed … junk science” that could be used to out gay people across the globe and put them at risk. The advocates also criticized the study for excluding people of color and bisexual and transgender people and claimed the research made overly broad and inaccurate assumptions about gender and sexuality.

So, which is it?

If it’s “junk science,” then you have nothing to fear, right?

These slime balls are just saying anything they can to try and make this “go away.”

There’s no closing this Pandora’s Box, faggots!

Michal Kosinski, co-author of the study and an assistant professor at Stanford, told the Guardian that he was perplexed by the criticisms, arguing that the machine-learning technology already exists and that a driving force behind the study was to expose potentially dangerous applications of AI and push for privacy safeguards and regulations.

“One of my obligations as a scientist is that if I know something that can potentially protect people from falling prey to such risks, I should publish it,” he said, adding that his critics were encouraging people to ignore the real risks of this technology by trying to discredit his work. “Rejecting the results because you don’t agree with them on an ideological level … you might be harming the very people that you care about.”

Yeah, whatever.

You can be sure that even as he says that, he’s already using his tech to filter applicants for assistant researcher positions.

We’ve got a wonderful new world ahead of us.

Imagine what we can accomplish once we’re free of the Jew and Homo plagues…

The same technology will soon allow us to distinguish between Jews and gentiles instantly as well.

Imagine what’ll happen when everyone’s got augmented reality overlays in front of their eyes, telling them “this guy’s a Jew” and “this guy is a pedophile.”

We’re going to clean this place right up.