School Hosts “Color Wars” Competition, Censors Students Wearing “White Pride” Shirts – ACLU Applauds

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2016


A Montana school recently decided to hold a “color wars” competition, one in which each year was assigned a color. The Juniors were given white, and a few students showed up in t-shirts reading “WHITE PRIDE” and “Trump 2016.”

The students were obviously being tongue and cheek (not that there is anything wrong with having White pride), but the school administrators forced them to change out of the shirts. Additionally, the miserable kikes lurching over the mainstream media, the same subhuman parasites who frantically cover up vicious Black-on-White racially motivated murders that happen every day, turned this non-story into a national headline. The school is now promising these Jewish pressure mongers that they will revisit the case and punish the students in question.  Afterwards, there was a big display by bussed in people feigning phony outrage at the “racists” and holding a candle light vigil–the usual scripted antics.

None of this is news, we know that free speech only exists for groups pushing the establishment line. Nevertheless, there’s one caveat that really caught my eye, and that was the ACLU’s reaction to this flagrant violation of student rights in a public school.

Washington Post :

The American Civil Liberties Union of Montana chimed in on an issue that “quickly got out of control,” and reminded people that both the Confederate flag and the “White Power” slogan are “symbols of hate and intolerance.”

” . . . It is important to remember that, while all students have First Amendment rights, schools have the authority and the responsibility to prohibit speech that is harmful to other students, and to maintain a safe learning environment,” Caitlin Borgmann, executive director of the ACLU of Montana, said in a statement. “This incident sadly reflects how we are failing our children in teaching them mutual tolerance and respect for those of different backgrounds.”

Borgmann said the ACLU of Montana would be investigating the Homecoming incident and making sure Polson High School had appropriate anti-bullying and anti-racism policies in place.

Meanwhile, she encouraged anyone who was outraged — or who saw similar racist messages at the school — to protest peacefully or write a letter to the district superintendent.

There is a false sense among National activists and patriots that that the American Civil Liberties Union is some kind of non-partisan free speech group composed of high-minded Jews and some principled liberals. In reality, the ACLU, while portraying itself in this fashion, exists to lead the culture war against normal people on the litigation front. The goal of the Jewish creepy-crawlies at the ACLU work tirelessly only to force every day decent white people into the closet, while getting every degenerate and predator out of it so they can mold social norms.

That’s why the ACLU will sue the council of some small town in America’s heartland to keep people from praying or reading their bible in public by mounting deformed, willfully dishonest arguments regarding “separation of Church and State,” while every year a 30-foot Menorah is lit on the White House Lawn.

Nothing to see here Goyim, this doesn't violate the separation of church and state.

Nothing to see here Goyim – there’s no law regarding “synagogue and state.”

The false notion that the ACLU stands for full free speech comes from the highly publicized (books, movies, law classes, etc have dealt with this case) National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie (1977), where the ACLU represented the NSPA under Frank Colin in his quest to march through the Illinois Jewish neighborhood of Skokie.

The NSPA won the case with the help of the Jewish ACLU lawyers, yet canceled their march last minute. Colin was later exposed as being Jewish, and while I don’t have any proof, in retrospect the case stinks of an elaborate publicity stunt by Jews themselves, especially for the bogus Holocaust story (Skokie claimed to be populated by “Holocaust survivors,” this fairy tale really took off in the American public conscious during the 70s) instead of an actual victory for free speech.

Nazi Leader Frank Collin Making Announcement

Jewish Nazi Frank Colin was the main Nazi defended by the Jewish ACLU

Additionally, occasionally taking a case like this one and making it a media circus out of it helped obfuscate their actual agenda in suppressing certain views and groups Jews don’t like when they started their highly unpopular campaigns against the kinds of liberties people had previously been entitled to.

Four decades later, the ACLU has shown little to no interest in protecting politically incorrect (non-extreme Leftist) speech what so ever–not on college campuses, not in public schools, not at protests, not even in defense of innocent men railroaded or charge stacked. The last one I can think of was the Matt Hale law license case, which should’ve been a slam-dunk legally speaking, in 1999. The bulk of their resources go towards enabling and protecting terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter, which you better believe no school administrator would dare try and suspend a student for visibly supporting without hearing from their lawyahs.

Once the ACLU gives thumbs up to enforcing “hate speech violations,” and put wearing a shirt saying “White pride” or a Confederate flag under that umbrella with no natural end-point, they have lost all credibility and reveal their not-so-hidden political motives. If the Confederate flag is racist, then the Israeli flag – representing a state that systematically ethnically cleansed the Palestinian people and continues to murder them today – is beyond the pale. If White pride is not allowed, even said as a joke with a Trump reference, then the kind of causes the ACLU sues and Jews the entire country with would be struck down.

But at the Supreme Court, where 3 – possibly 4 – of our 8 Judges are Jewish, the bad guys have the home field advantage.