Scandicuck Chess Master Hops on SJW Train, Demands White (Supremacist) Pieces Move Last!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2019

Have you ever considered that Chess is actually a racist game, bigot?

Magnus Carleson thinks so.

According to Magnus the Chess Whiz Kid Extraordinaire, the White side always moves first, which is just another example of institutionalized White Supremacy when you think about it. In chess, as in real life, the Black side is always playing catch-up because the White Supremacist system gives the White side a leg up and keeps the Black side down.

Yes, really. Watch the video, it’s short. I’m not lying.

I think I’m starting to get the logic. Here, let me take a stab at it:

Equality can only be realized when the roles switch and the Black side is allowed to go first, and a Black Supremacist system of equality is constructed to give Blacks an even greater leg-up than Whites had – to make up for centuries, nay, millennia of oppression.

Furthermore, (and no, this issue is not addressed in the video) we need to consider taking pieces away from the White side and/or make them give up their first three moves and then play with less pieces – if we are to make Chess more equal, that is. This is because, when you think about it, the rules themselves are White Supremacist and favor White players so these new measures are just about leveling the playing field.

If you are a brown player, these are the new rules for you:

  • You get to move first, using black pieces
  • You get three moves in succession without giving the White player a chance to respond (like they did to brown people, historically)
  • You get more pieces (Whites only have rooks because they stole that technology from black people anyway, so they should have it taken from then)

These changes should be seen as a restoration, not a reinvention, of the game because Afrikangz were actually the ones who invented Chess and these were the original rules at the time.

As we all know, the White man (who was living in caves) stole the Chess technology, made black people forget it and then changed the rules to make the game favor the White (supremacist) side, by giving it a first-mover advantage.

Furthermore, Chess has a history of vicious racism that must be combatted.

It’s the only way that Chess can be rehabilitated and allowed in the wondrous Multi-Kulti state being built for us right now, as we speak, by Globo-Shlomo.


You know, if I had said that a chess master would have come out and said something like this even 2 years ago, people would have said I was scare-mongering.

But literally everything even tangentially related to the color White is now fair game and unless someone is explicitly based and red-pilled, it is a near-certainty that they will at some point come out and say something pozzed and anti-White.

At this point, I half-expect them to come out and say that you shouldn’t bleach your clothes anymore because it perpetuates the stereotype that White=clean and that you shouldn’t separate your Whites from your colors because that reeks of segregation and racial discrimination.

Tie-dye will make a comeback.

Short your Clorox shares NOW.