Saudi Arabia AKA Greatest Ally Jr. Says Iran Attacked Aramco Pipeline! Demands Action From Trump!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2019

I’ve never been much of a peacenik, so I say we all just cry “havoc” and release the hounds of war at this point.


Saudi Arabia accused Iran on Thursday of ordering the drone attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels against its oil facilities, potentially heightening tensions in a major oil-producing region.

Prince Khalid Bin Salman, the vice minister for defense and brother of Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, said in comments on Twitter that the attack by Iranian-backed Houthis undermined political efforts to resolve tensions in the Gulf. His comments come as Saudi-led coalition forces launched airstrikes against Houthi positions in Yemen.

“The terrorist acts, ordered by the regime in Tehran, and carried out by the Houthis, are tightening the noose around the ongoing political efforts,” he said on Twitter, adding that “these militias are merely a tool that Iran’s regime uses to implement its expansionist agenda in the region.”

Now that the US seems committed to a showdown with Iran, all of America’s greatest allies want to get a piece of the pie. The Saudis want America to give them more weapons to use against the Houthis and allow them to keep starving out Yemen in the name of fighting “Iran’s proxies.” Israel wants to do the same with Lebanon and Hezbollah.

There’s a good chance that the US will probably settle for fighting Iran’s proxies to satisfy the war hawks instead of actually invading the motherland and losing thousands of troops.

This man is your friend. He fights for freedom against Iran.

But honestly speaking, nunna dis matters.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to stop fearing the inevitable neocon war with Iran. 

Here’s my big-brained take on the whole Iran situation. 

Sadly, no matter how perverted they become, most conservatives identify with the institutions of their country. That means that no matter how low Congress’ approval drops, the average Trump voter will always support the military and believe whatever the military says and go off to die for Israel in droves.

As a movement that is continually frustrated by the average American’s inability to wake up to the fact that something is seriously wrong in the US government, this may be a chance to wake people up. Seriously, as long as conservatives think that everything is well with the military, they won’t ever start getting riled up in earnest.

They’re talking about deploying 120,000 troops to Iran, a number that is far too small. Iran is a country of 80 million – twice the size of Iraq. You’d need 300,000 troops on the ground at least, and then we’re talking about having to reinstate the draft to keep those numbers up. This is not sustainable considering the current domestic situation in America.

Also, consider this:

Traditionally, the only thing that historically ever shook up the average person’s faith in state institutions was a catastrophic military defeat. You saw this in Russia in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese war and in Germany after World War I,  just to name a couple of examples.

And there’s a non-trivial chance that the US won’t be able to get the big win against a country that is willing to take millions of dead in losses, endure chemical weapon strikes, has Russia supplying them through the Caspian Sea and has mountainous terrain to fall back on. They’ve run wargames on this and the Iranians were able to rack up an impressive kill count against a hypothetical American invasion.

In other words, the US might lose this war and lose it fast.

And once you get salt of the earth grug-headed types thinking that their government can’t keep them safe and that they’re no longer #1, things start getting very dynamic very fast. Because a lost war gets people thinking.

Why did we lose the war? Why did we even go to war? Who is steering this ship? Have we been lied to?

Disgruntled vets are dangerous. In America, they are monitored by the Feds at all times because they’re afraid of what angry American veterans might be capable of.

The Bonus Army draining the swamp in 1932.

The way I see it, having thousands of recently red-pilled vets returning home to a country filled with angry foreigners, growing poverty and intermittent gun control raids wouldn’t be the worst possible outcome, would it?

Seems like the perfect recipe for fun times, to be quite honest.

Anyway, my decision is made easier by the fact that there is literally nothing any of us can do at this point to prevent the war, seeing as we’ve all been censored.

Our hands are clean.

We did our best.

All of us tried, we really did.

But it’s out of our control now.

I have no doubt that the MSM can convince the American public to go to war again if that’s what they have to do. It’ll be even easier this time considering that the old leftist peacenik types are long gone now and only the neocon shills remain.

So again, nunna dis matters.

At the very least, we’ll get to see if the American military is all that it’s cracked up to be when you factor in the trillions of misappropriated funds, bloated defense contracts and diversity hires – or whether it’s a paper tiger that is incapable of fighting anything resembling a real war with real combatants willing and able to inflict real casualties.

Besides, it seems that everyone in America wants to go full accelerationist here. All sides of the political spectrum are in agreement.

If there is to be war, let there be war then.

We have everything to gain and nothing much to lose.