Satellites to Monitor Every Move of the Stupid Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Some goyim might be good goyim. Who knows. Even they deserve to die, however.

Most goyim, as we know, are very bad goyim.

And every move they make must be watched, as they are always plotting to try to gas God’s Chosen People for literally no reason.


The dramatic advances in satellite imaging technology in the last 10 years have privacy advocates worried about 24-hour surveillance. Right now, US federal regulations help keep things in check, so that while commercial satellite imagery is powerful enough, for instance, to see a car, it’s not detailed enough to identify the make and model, according to a report from the MIT Technology Review. 

Satellite companies say they keep a person’s data separate from any identifying characteristics, but Peter Martinez of the Secure World Foundation said that doesn’t matter.

“The risks arise not only from the satellite images themselves but the fusion of Earth observation data with other sources of data,” Martinez said in an email.

Then there’s the sheer volume of satellites overhead. Imaging company Planet Labs confirmed that it has 140 imaging satellites currently in orbit. The report says this is enough to pass over every place on Earth once a day.

Meanwhile, satellite imagery is getting closer to a level that investors and businesses will want to exploit. The goal, Mapbox’s Charlie Loyd told MIT Technology Review, is to make a “living map” of Earth.

The publication points out that the observational satellites can do good, too. They can help farmers monitor a crop’s growth cycle, geologists better examine rock textures, and human rights organizations track refugee movement. And of course, other satellites do things like helping meteorologists predict the weather and making our phones and televisions work.

The goyim may not like being watched. However, most of them will not even know they’re being watched, because it will not be published in the news by God’s Chosen People.

Those who do know they are being watched, and try to tell other goyim they are being watched, will then appear insane, as they are talking about something that is against the programming of the rest of the goyim.

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  2. Jews turned Western Civilization into a giant Truman Show/Big Brother.

  3. Things like this is what I still use a god damned OLD cellphone from 2002 - that never had GPS shit on it.
    I like my freedom, and privacy, and protect it any way I can.

  4. In the land of the blind the man with one eye is considered a conspiracy theorist kook, and murdered.

  5. This is just what I envisioned for the future as a young kid in the 80’s…satellite systems whose most important function is to help (((human rights organizations))) monitor the movements of browns and blacks and make sure they encounter no danger as they enter the countries of white men. Where’s my hoverboards and flying cars nigga???

  6. They can still triangulate your signal old school style. No GPS in your phone required.

  7. Some goyim might be good goyim. Who knows. Even they deserve to die, however.

    “The best of the gentiles: kill him” - Kiddushin 66c

    Have you bought any new products lately? Everything is garbage, nothing works properly or lasts long enough to be worth buying. How is this brave new world of cyber surveillance going to function when you can’t even get your new John Deere tractor to run for 5 hours without breaking and your brand new Winchester model 70 rifle doesn’t even come with iron sights on it?

    Call me an old man but there is no threat of a high tech tyranny. We are at the apex of that system right now and it will collapse on its own from simply being too shoddy to last.

  8. I even think that we already reached peak intelligence in the 60s/70s and will be no longer possible to sustain a high-tech society at some point. The average IQ in most western countries has dropped by 5 points, our educational system is trash, pupils and students getting worse in reading, writing and maths - in Germany professors complain about this, because university freshmen often don’t have the ability to even start academic studies, etc…

    And I’m a millennial, but I can already see this. Look at a maths book from a hundred years ago or read letters written by average people a hundred years ago, ask average people how many poems they can memorize, etc… You can see the decay here.

  9. I went to university in one of the former GDR states. And because I was broke most of the time I bought some old reference books from GDR times for under 10 bucks. For example, I bought an encyclopedia of physics and an encyclopedia of maths. Ok, you have the obligatory propaganda here and there, when they’re praising the Soviet nuclear power plants and say the American power plants are inferior, but whatever… These books are so good, so detailed - I used them frequently during my studies. You would have to pay 100€ if not more for such well written books if they would be published today.

    And yes, they don’t teach a lot of science and maths in school anymore. In Berlin (it’s an own state and every German state has it’s own education system) there were already attempts to teach physics without maths or learning German grammar and orthography by listening. You can imagine how this worked out…

    Wasting our intellectual potential is suicidal for the white race. Especially in Europe. We don’t have much natural ressources, our main ressource has always been our brain, our intellect. How will we be able to sustain this living standards for future generations with this ongoing decay?
    The Chinese for example understand that having smart and well educated people is crucial.

  10. Its just a lawn tractor but it was nearly $3000. I blew the mower deck belt off of it right away by turning quickly in thick grass. The belt broke either the next time I used it or the time after that. The service people were nice and they came and picked it up right away and brought it back.

    The belt tensioner had plastic parts in it man, I would have fixed it myself otherwise.

    Its sad. I don’t want to get too LARPy but I’ve used firearms IRL and you don’t need a scope for much. They fail when you need them, they’re fragile and unless you just zeroed it in you can’t count on it.

    Recently I advised a young guy to purchase either a .308 Winchester 70 or a Remington 700 and I went with him to the gun store. I’ve never felt so old in my entire life. The kid behind the counter looked at me like I was a crazy person for wanting the iron sights. The iron sights are not installed by default because its cheaper not to bother and you can get a shitty scope for like $100.

    Zeroing the scope in for my friend was easy because I’ve done it a bunch of times before but he never would have got it right on his own. I should probably make a thread in Nazi Lifestyle about expedient rifle scope zeroing. Like a guerrilla guide to doing it without going to a shooting range and using a bench rest.

    I love my iron sights. The young guys need to learn how to use them. You can lock up on a target so much faster and leading/following becomes instinctive once you are proficient.

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