Sargon: The Brexit Election

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

As always with Sargon, understand that he’s a centrist cuck.

There’s no real good meme for a centrist.

This whole “basically, anyone who believes in anything strong is just the same as anyone else who believes strongly in anything” approach.

Sargon is pretty much the epitome of it.

He says this stuff like “the far left social justice warriors are the mirror image of the far right Nazis,” though he never really gives practical examples or even elaborates in any kind of detail.

It’s a weird thing.

Someone think of a term for this mindset.

Anyway, it’s sort of like the Libertarian Molyneux thing – despite his cognitive dissonance, he makes well-researched and super-informative videos without really a whole lot of spin.

Like, you can listen to this, on fast forward, and in 10 or so minutes have a pretty good understanding of a whole bunch of things going on in British politics at the moment. This is extremely useful. You should be informed.

So I post them.

If you think I shouldn’t post libertarian or centrist videos, then here’s what you need to go do: start making videos as good as those of Molyneux or Sargon. Then I’ll post your stuff instead.

Really, really easy problem to solve.

Complaining about it is stupid, and makes our movement look like a bunch of whiny little bitches.

Speaking of whiny little bitches: Sargon, why won’t you release transcripts?

You have a script.

Just make a blog and post the transcripts.

A lot of people don’t have time to listen to these, even on fast forward.