Sam Hyde: Migrant Crisis Stand-Up Routine

Daily Stormer
November 6, 2015

This is a month old. I thought it was posted when it was new, but apparently it wasn’t.

Great stuff. Please, make this man your personal hero and become like him.

Here’s Sam’s description.

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Prop clock was made by “Wizz Art Smell” in a few hours with stuff he had laying around. Mad-scientist. Huge thanks to the fans, James Price, Phil, and the people who pitched in here and there to help write– Pat, Mike AKA Goy, Marty, Tai, etc.

“Migrant” “Crisis” AKA Muslim Road Trip. Hundreds of thousands of astronauts, doctors, sciencemen, and peaceful clock inventors descend upon the countries with the most collective guilt and free stuff.

This was pretty good man… I wasn’t expecting this reaction from the same Boston college audience who so thoroughly disapproved of my ‘Mike Brown’ routine. I think the invasion of Europe touches a nerve with these people and gives even the most egalitarian fruit loops a reason to scratch their heads. Most importantly, the NWO made a fatal error with their recent bomb clock hijinx, by picking such an arrogant and cartoonish character (Ahmed Mohamed) to be the messenger and mascot for the next wave of sick racial back-patting. This kid is a total fucking goob… Of course now we must wonder if George Soros is a Beavis & Butt-head fan.

It’s not enough to talk about cool clocks and make cool clocks. Do your best to explain to those around you why displacement-level immigration is a bad idea, and that having some sort of white identity (or western identity if you aren’t white) and backbone doesn’t make you a fucking klan member. Build up your agency and network and take care of yourself even though the whole point of socialism is to de-incentivize that sort of investment and make you a forever nap boy dependent on the state for milk, bread, and cartoons. Wake up! And vote for Trump.


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