Salvini Believes That Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Death Squad Planned to Assassinate Him!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2019

Remember that Nazi weapons stash that Salvini found in Italy?

Well, this story has taken an interesting turn!


Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said that a probe into a plot by Ukranians to kill him led to the seizure of an air-to-air missile in the northern city of Turin on Monday.

Police detained an alleged neo-Nazi and two other suspects in an investigation into weapons trafficking that uncovered the missile, authorities said in a statement.

“The secret services alerted me about a Ukranian group who were making an attempt on my life,” leading to the discovery of the weapon, Salvini said at an event in Genoa on Tuesday. “It was one of several death threats against me that arrive every day,” news agency Ansa cited him as saying.

I suppose if you wanted hitmen on the cheap, experienced unironic neo-Nazis might be the best people to use.

Although, I would have thought that Mossad would be the obvious go-to.

Everyone is just out there doing crazy things and nothing has any rhyme or reason to it anymore, not even the right-wingers.

You’d think that if these people were willing to fight and kill and risk death and capture, they’d be busy organizing something in their own countries against the alien hordes taking over their homelands, no? But if this story is to be believed… they were planning on killing the last, best hope that Italy and Europe has for turning back the Third World tide.

It’s finally sinking in for me though.

All these unironic neo-Nazi groups are Feds, that is, they’re working for one government or another. What’s worse, they seem to be flirting with ISIS-style Islam as well… just because.

If the state TV is to be believed, Kiev lets disgruntled ISIS people resettle in Ukraine to just to spite Russia 

Apparently, you’ve got these Moslem Jihadis from Russia’s ethnic minority republics joining these Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups and planning to kill the Italian deputy PM. Funny enough, this weird alliance existed historically in WWII when Chechens, Dagestanis and Tatars sided with the invading German army. This makes sense if your enemy is Russia. You would obviously want to mobilize the Moslem minorities living within the country to commit terror and Jihad against the Russian population.

But really, it’s just a rule at this point that I feel I have to point out so that the kids who are reading this understand: once you get unironic Nazi groups flirting with Islam, someone’s going to die.

It’s just nature’s way of telling us what a bad combination these two ideologies make.


If you’re going to go down the whole conversion to Islam route, consider converting to Communism first instead.

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  1. To the Ukrainians and all the other Europeans

    Here’s why

  2. i believe Salvini. jewcranian (((neo-nazis))) are brothers of the shitskins. sponsored by jews

  3. I just want to take this opportunity to point out that Azov battalion and all the other fake LARPing skinhead neo-nazi militias fighting for ZOG in Ukraine against Russia are race traitors.

    Fuck those people. Imagine flying the swastika banner and killing your fellow White Europeans at the behest of your Jew president. Hitler would spit on these people’s graves.

  4. But really, it’s just a rule at this point that I feel I have to point out so that the kids who are reading this understand: once you get unironic Nazi groups flirting with Islam, someone’s going to die.

  5. Those retards are actually calling Putin “Putler”, as in Putin + Hitler. I.e Hitler was a bad guy according to them. When you talk to those people about the situation, they can’t express a single coherent idea, they just mumble about muh Putler and muh freedoms. They’re just brainwashed cannon fodder.

    I mean if you want to fight for Ukraine and that’s the highest calling in your life, then OK, do it. But you why do need to LARP as a neo nazi in the process?

  6. My bet is that these (((neo-nazis))) and their plot can be traced back to Israel.

  7. I’ve had discussions “national-socialists” who went to fight for azov.

    They couldn’t explain away the kikegeld. Instead they argued that the russian side is more kiked.

    To which i replied “You are seriously comparing having a jewish president, jewish primeminister, jewish governor and a jewish oligarch funding you with pictures of putin with a couple of orthokikes.”

    When that failed to impress me thry switched to the fact a lot of ruskies are embracing soviet iconography and verbage. To which I replied.

    That their retardation is showing. "What do you expect when thats what russian boomers have seen their entire life and to add to it, You fight them on the same spot with the same “ideology” their grandfathers fought against. Of course they will revert to red army larping.

  8. my former Frontschweine proposed me to participate, but i’ve said “It’s not my war”. i know Russian nazis on both sides. that’s total shit. TOTAl…

    i’ve talked to the member of the Der III Weg, who visited jewcrain’s (((azov))) und he was stunned that these (((nationalists))) (not azov but “nazis” from UNA-UNSO) fought side by side with their shitskin brothers against White Russians (funniest thing that chechens despised these cowards) during the 1st und the 2nd Chechen Wars (und i saw them captured by Russian Spetsnaz). azov (((nazis))) didn’t tell 'em about this (und Westerns are so trustful). even now they told that Russian mercenaries in Donbass are all shitskins from chechnya. but, as i told above, there are hardcore old-school nazis there against “nazi wannabies” from jewcraine

    UNA-UNSO in Checnya

    modern day jewcranian “nazis” with their brothers from Georgia und Chechnya

  9. Don’t forget that Ukraine is owned and operated by Jews.

    Salvini is a friend of Israel, but the fact remains …

  10. the most known Russian nazis in Donbass. the one on the second photo, as i’ve heard, is dead. und it’s great, coz he was an ultimate animal torture fucker

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