Salting the Earth – Episode 58: Polish Freedom

Caerulus & Vendetta
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2018

Salting The Earth returns with an episode devoted to Poland, in honor of their increasingly bold stand against European-Style Socialism. Vendetta goes in depth on the history of interwar Poland, the period in which the Poles aspired toward great power status, defeated a Bolshevik invasion, and for a brief time were really in charge of their own destiny. After a break, we debut a new “Unpopular Segments” segment, in which Vendetta questions the Danzig Holohoax and asserts that Ricky Vaughn did nothing wrong. This leads us into recent events at MSU and the debates the movement has been having ever since, on which we offer our own take – the need to go beyond optics and start looking for deeper issues in need of correction. We also figure out that if our fellow whites at The Forward are “European-style socialists,” Ben Shapiro and people like him are (((European-Style Capitalists))). And as always, there is Goofy Media.

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Caerulus Rex

Vendetta Vidame

Break Music: Sabaton – 40:1


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