Salting the Earth Episode 42: Dillon Hopper on a Soap Box with a Rock

Caerulus & Vendetta
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017

Salting The Earth is joined with Dillon Hopper, commander of Vanguard America, for a discussion of “Which Way, White Man?” – where the alt-right stands as a movement and what direction we should be taking after the setbacks in Charlottesville and the ever tightening crackdown on our web platforms and social media. In the second hour it’s chapter eight of Mein Kampf, and from 1930s Germany to 1970s Vietnam and DC with some more book reviews. Goofy Media in the third hour along with what is perhaps the longest Tale From IRL that Caerulus has ever told (which is more or less his alibi for the show being over a week late, but at least it’s a good one!)



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Dillon Hooper

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First Break: På vikingtokt – by Schutzstaffel

Second Break: Hu,Ha, Antifa! – by Nordfront