Salting the Earth Ep. 22 – Weaponized Autism (is the Future of Warfare) with Micro Chip

Caerulus Rex
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2017

Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by the Autiste extraordinaire and one-man cyberterrorist brigade Micro Chip for a discussion of where our movement is headed, followed by a second and third hour with Julia Evola, hostess of the podcast Helicopter Mom. We discuss George Lincoln Rockwell, European history, and Gavin McInnes’ recent trip to Israel.

We disavow all the positive things we said about Gavin because he has been cucking and fagging out on twitter the entire time we were recording this episode. By his cowardice he will be remembered, and acceptance he shall never receive. -Rex

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Caerulus Rex

Vendetta Vidame

Julia Evola

Helicopter Mom
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White Awake by Xurious
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The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto

1st break

Me, an Intellectual by RWDS Entertainment

Shut Your Lyin’ Jew Mouths by Paddy Tarelton

Books and such:

Violent Entrepreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian Capitalism – Vadim Volkov…ism/dp/0801487781

Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy – Brendan Simms…ent/dp/0465064868

Caerulus’ favorite Rockwell video

2nd Break

Dindu Vibrations by White Hot Takes…ist=RDCLbqIC4iRSw

(((Goofy Media)))

Gavin goes to Israel

Alt-Right Comic Book Villains…-punching-nazis

“Once a Messiah, Trump Could Turn Out to Be the Israeli Right’s Worst Nightmare!”

Hasidic Degeneracy…-kinky-double-life/

Oy Vey, only 53% of Republicans think anti-Semitism is a serious problem!!!!

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