Saber Strike Military Drills on Russia’s Border…Starting to Get Worried Here, Guys

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

Why are there all these troop exercises going on right now? Would we have heard about them if there wasn’t an accident, probably because of spics driving?

National Post:

Lithuanian officials say 13 U.S. soldiers have suffered minor injuries in a road accident as four armoured vehicles collided during a military exercise in the Baltic country.

The Defence Ministry says the U.S. Stryker armoured vehicles were en route to a drill site in Prienai district, central Lithuania, when Thursday’s crash took place.

It added the injured soldiers were rushed to a hospital for examinations. No civilians were involved but a road at the site has remained closed, according to the ministry.

The drill is part of a major U.S.-led military exercise Saber Strike that kicked off in NATO’s eastern flank in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on Sunday with 18,000 soldiers from 19 nations.

It spooks me a little to hear news like this.

Massive troop movements along the border with Russia in the run-up to the World Cup.

And I’m just laying here like.

Will there be a war? Do I need to get out of the city? Will I die not having made the gains I always put off making because I’m scared of getting too fat if I start skimping on the workouts, but develop a habit of eating more? Maybe I should have started taking creatine like my lifeguard buddy recommended all those years ago. Also, maybe if the war gets pushed back a bit, I can finally experience some crypto gains and pull out in time this time.

I start thinking about things I should have done differently in this life.

I would have gone to a State school for starters and forgotten about actually studying as an undergrad. Also, I would have made a redneck friend and shot cans in the woods with him just so I could brag about the experience to my SWPL friends later on in life. They would wrinkle their noses in disgust, and they’d feel better than me, while I’d feel better than them – I’m a man of the people, I rubbed shoulders with the salt of the earth proles, doncha know? And I would have liked to have ordered something from a drive-in window, just once, to experience what that feels like. Maybe even at a McDonald’s. But maybe instead a Wendy’s…wearing pajamas while outside like I’ve seen the others do…I’ve never been to a Wendy’s and I feel like I’ve been missing out. Two birds one stone, assuming that Wendy’s have drive-through windows. I have no idea if they do. Moving on, instead of trying to be a big nibba¬†at math, I should have taken writing classes seriously, even though the teachers were fags. What I would give for a basic fiction writing workshop right now… I feel like YouTube lectures can only get me so far. Do I have¬†to do the Hero’s Journey thing for my story to make it good? Academics pls respond.¬†Oh yeah, and I would have just bitten my tongue and gotten into a “scene” in high school – preferably the one with the hot slutty emo girls in it. Isn’t dying your hair black a small sacrifice to make in the pursuit of poon when you’re young? That’s probably my biggest regret…When I think about all those crazy emo girls with dark mascara that I missed out on, I just choke up and spend the rest of the day wallowing in self-hate. WHY was I so stubborn, smdh…

All of these moments that I missed…will be lost…like…tears…in…the…rain.

If I’m honest with you guys, I would have loved to make it to the Race War. It’d be great fun. Just us Stormers bro-ing out and ethnically cleansing suburbs with home-made napalm.

I was really looking forward to that.

But all these Boomer and¬†conservafags¬†had to ruin that glorious future with their “muh¬†Russia” obsession. If the Jews didn’t have the Boomer constituency in the US, war with Russia would simply be impossible because no one except shitlibs would be down and they don’t exactly serve in the Army.

Well, at least that used to be the case.

In short, I feel like the walls are closing in. And I’m starting to think about escape routes. Outer Mongolia is starting to look real good right about now.

Perhaps they will take me in and in exchange, I will tell them about the wonders of life in the White World…before everything went dark.

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