Russians Have a Time Machine That Can Move Particles a Fraction of a Second Into the Past

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2019

Man, reading this kind of news feels so weird.

On the one hand I’m super excited about the future but on the other hand I’m reminded that my people here in the West are too busy working towards inverting the penises of young boys and just don’t care about science and conquest.

Daily Mail:

A ‘time machine’ that moves tiny particles a fraction of a second into the past was built in Russia, scientists have claimed.

It may not rival Dr Who’s Tardis but researchers have described it as being able to move the smaller-than-atom sized objects in the opposite direction of ‘time’s arrow’.

The experiments involved electrons – negatively charged particles that make up an atom – found in the realm of quantum mechanics, the study of sub-atomic particles. 

They gave the analogy of a break for a game of pool, in which the balls are substitutes for the electrons.

After the break the ‘balls’ are scattered in what should be a haphazard way, according to the laws of physics.

But researchers managed to make them reform in their original triangle ‘break’ order – appearing as if they were turning back time – using a special quantum computer.

Researchers, from the Laboratory of the Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT), say that they have effectively defied the second law of thermodynamics with the experiment.

This is a rule within physics that governs the direction of events from the past to the future, stating that everything in our universe tends towards decay.

To an outside observer, it looks as if time is running backwards, said lead researcher Dr Gordey Lesovik, who heads the laboratory of the Physics of Quantum Information.

We have artificially created a state that evolves in a direction opposite to that of the thermodynamic arrow of time.’

The experiment could have a practical application in the development of quantum computers, the scientists said.

‘Our algorithm could be updated and used to test programs written for quantum computers and eliminate noise and errors,’ said Dr Lesovik.

Russians are playing around with time travel while we’re fighting for the right of men in wigs to sodomize little boys.

Every country not plagued by kikes is doing fun and interesting science stuff while we’re stuck here arguing whether white men should be exterminated or not.

Waiting until we gas the kikes to start doing fun science research and stuff is not needed.

We could start sooner if we get Andrew Yang elected.

He’s going to give each and every one of us $1000 dollars a month. If you have smart friends, you could form a group and rent a place for you to live with them. You could study, research, and learn. You could even get a startup going.

Whatever you want to do it’s easier to do with an extra $1000 dollars each month.

Don’t think of it as UBI or whatever. Think of it as insurance money. Think of it as your own science and research grant.

You can use that money wisely. You can use that money for good.