Russian Bot Bernie Sanders Under Vicious Assault by Capitalist Agents

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2018

A machine of penalty. The sweet insanity. Fade to black tranquility. You’re looking through the eyes of a psycho.

It’s funny how the left made up this narrative about “McCarthyism,” even though McCarthy actually did nothing wrong. And now they are actually doing the exact thing that their narrative claimed McCarthy was doing.


Bernie Sanders, who was attacked for the alleged support his campaign received from “Kremlin trolls,” is now accused of supporting a false story about how his campaign worked with that of Hillary Clinton against those trolls.

The Mueller investigation’s indictment of 13 Russians, who are accused of using false identities and failing to register as foreign agents while running a clickbait operation in the US, mentions that part of their efforts were aimed at drumming up support for Sanders. Consequently, the Vermont senator found himself on the defensive, as the US media questioned how much his campaign for the Democrat nomination benefited from the alleged “Russian trolls” and whether he was aware of that help.

Last week, Sanders released a lengthy statement condemning alleged Kremlin meddling in the US election and expressing support for his rival Hillary Clinton, who “had to run against not only Donald Trump, but also the Russian government.”

Was he referring to himself there…?

He and his former campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, also gave a number of interviews, denying any Russia connection and trying to shift the blame onto Clinton.

“The real question to be asked is what was the Clinton campaign [doing about alleged Russian interference]? They had more information about this than we did,” Sanders told Vermont Public Radio.

In an interview with Politico, the senator said his team had shared information with the Clinton campaign about suspected troll activity on a Sanders campaign Facebook page.

Weaver told the news outlet Sanders was referring to a story run by NBC News on February 16 about a warning form a Sanders supporter from San Diego, who spotted a big spike of Facebook subscriptions by apparent bot accounts.

In a follow-up, Politico accused Sanders of promoting a false story. The reason for the accusation was that the supporter in question, John Mattes, was a volunteer, not a campaign staffer, and that the warning he sent was directed to a pro-Clinton PAC rather than her campaign management. “Bernie Sanders is taking credit for action to combat the Russian incursion into the 2016 election that he didn’t have anything to do with – and didn’t actually happen,” the Politico story states.

This is the quote Politico printed:

So, that’s really just a understandable misstatement, isn’t it? I’d be more inclined to call the Politico story fake news than Bernie referring to a volunteer as a team member and a Clinton PAC as the Clinton campaign.

This is just a brutal attack on Bernie by establishment media – they defend their own people all the time for making outright false statements with a bunch of “what he meant to say was,” and all Bernie did was use the wrong words.

Everyone gets the “everyone is a Russian agent” thing, eating Bernie Sanders right now is a really weird move.

It’s kinda funny that Bernie is the only guy on earth who was presumably investigated by McCarthy’s program and this new real life caricature of McCarthy’s program.

But seriously – what is the point of attacking Bernie right now? I can’t even think of a single angle from which you could blame Bernie for Hillary’s loss. There isn’t even any crazy lie you could come up with to explain that type of a narrative.

So then is he viewed as some kind of future threat? What is he going to do? How could attacking him be worth alienating all of the Democrats who loved him and hated Hillary?

I think that the party is moving in a direction of alienating the Bernie people, just because it is going full anti-white and Bernie rallies were more white than Trump rallies. But I don’t understand why they would want to speed up that process on purpose.

I think a lot of this stuff can just be chalked up to Trump Derangement Syndrome. The left is losing their shit and just doing things that don’t make any sense. Lashing out in every direction.