Roosh Announces Run for President; Proposes 2 MF Bags and Selfie Tax

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

Roosh’s platform is revolutionary.

First and foremost, he’s bucking every modern political trend by running on an actual platform instead of on a long and vague, feels-based virtue signal that resembles a political platform.

Unlike pretty much everyone except Andrew Yang, he’s got a plan. A 6-point plan.

Three proposals stick out to me as being particularly appealing:

2,000 dollars a month for men in UBI and ZERO dollars for women

It’s not enough to just give everyone 1,000 bucks. If you give women the 1,000 dollars, they won’t value a man who has 1,000 dollars guaranteed to him by the government. It’s time to raise the status of men in our society at the expense of women to try and even out the scales a bit.

A selfie tax

A plan to start taxing cancerous forms of social media use is nothing short of revolutionary. Women would spend more time focused on their man and their families instead of on their phones, which they now love more than their own children. Furthermore, a tax on selfies and social media use would deliver a one-two punch to the gut and gaping wound where the groin used to be of the trannies running Silicon Valley. Every out-of-work Google employee is a win for the anti-Globalist rebel alliance, as is every roastie crying about losing access to her beta providers.

Mass conversion to Orthodoxy


The fact of the matter is that Orthodoxy is the religion that is most aesthetically compatible with the grimdark hellscape of the near future.

We could adopt it simply because of the sweet aesthetics that it’s got going for it and it would be the right decision, regardless.

Remember: the optics pill is the final red pill.

“Optics must trample under foot all faith and reason…” – so spaketh Roy the Aesthetic (year 2019 of the Occupation Era, the Stormer Annals)

Orthodoxy is also unburdened by the problem of having a cuck Pope (Catholics) and systematized Jew-worship (Protestants).

Most importantly, the Orthodox Church isn’t as universalist as all that.

The Orthodox Church is built on the principle of nations. The nation is explicitly the building block of the faith – not the individual. This is why you have the Greek Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, and so on. Different nations have their own churches – that teach the universal truth of Christ, sure, but which also take care of the different needs of their specific communities in ways that are compatible with the local traditions.

So yes, I too support the idea of forced conversions to Orthodoxy at gunpoint by Roosh Wing Death Squads. 

It’ll be a very popular proposal at the polls too, I bet.

Mostly though, I like the assertive nature of the Roosh campaign.

Nowadays, politicians don’t do concrete proposals anymore.

I think that it is quite simply a product of them having literally no power even when they assume office, so having promised a lot of concrete things would be problematic for them. So they promise nothing and give out feels-based poopy talk when they speak to the crowds of fat women and hormonally-imbalanced soymen.

Admittedly, that is probably a smart move on the part of the politicians.

Why stand for something when you can stand for everything… and stand up on random furniture as well while you’re at it?

But I’m not a chump voter who votes for feels and values and rhetoric.

I vote for people who promise me free stuff.

At this point, only two politicians – Yang and Roosh – have offered to pay for my vote. Of the two, one has helped me get laid in the past and offers 2,000 dollars as opposed to 1,000.

Idk about you, but I think I’ve made up my mind about 2020.