Retards Who Think the Far-Right is Going to Harm Yang 2020 are Retarded

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2019

Andrew Yang has supported white people as a demographic that deserves representation, and one that the government should be trying to take care of.

However, he gave a boilerplate denouncement of the Alt-Right and whatnot.

And some slow people who don’t exactly understand what is going on here were like “oh…”

Hopefully, these words to Vox clear things up:

4chan is a particularly prominent hotbed for the Yang Gang, which can cause some problems given the site’s popularity among some white nationalists; one backer posted an innocuous tweet from Yang about the opioid crisis with the caption “Andrew Yang cares about white people.”

Yang, of course, totally rejects support from white nationalists. But the mainstream Yangsters? He’s a fan. “If you excise any racist white nationalist, bigotry leanings, I find the whole thing hysterical,” Yang told me in a phone call, audibly laughing. “You know what I mean? Imagine seeing your face on dragons and whatnot. The whole thing is funny.”

“I wish I could just jump up and down about how funny it is, but obviously there’s an element of it that’s intertwined with some terrible beliefs,” he continued. “Anyone who spends, like, five seconds looking into me or my background or my beliefs or my platform would be like, ‘This guy is the least white nationalist dude ever.’”

So that seems to be the basic position here.

He’s Chinese, so he’s obviously not a white nationalist, but he’s not really against it and likes the memes.

And he doesn’t hate us and want to promote every other group above us.

He addresses our birthrate and our drug and suicide problems.

And he’s going to give us $1000.

Furthermore, he likes the memes. He’s going to understand how to feed them.

Which means that the next year and a half is going to be a helluva fun ride.

Strap yourselves in.

Retards Who Think the Far-Right are Going to Harm Yang 2020 are Retarded

I have seen people – both MIGA shills and alleged pro-Yang people – claim that the far-right supporting Yang is going to harm his campaign.

This is obviously caved-in head stupid. Almost incomprehensibly so.

Firstly, we are the ones who make memes and make noise. This kind of novelty campaign is only possible in the internet age, and the only way to win an internet campaign is with memes. Please see the last election. Although I’m not going to take personal responsibility, there is simply no serious data-analyst who could try to claim that the far-right as a whole didn’t swing the election. Yang needs us as much as we need $1000.

Secondly, there is no argument that can be made that the Chinaman is a white nationalist. It doesn’t make any sense. Trump was accused of this, and though no one actually thought it was true, it was at least plausible. It isn’t plausible with an Asian.

Thirdly, it will be hilarious when the media accuses him of this – which they are absolutely going to do – and it will further discredit the media while crediting him. That is the dynamic now – people who are attacked by the media in insane ways are viewed as more credible for having experienced that.

Fourthly, no millennial or zoomer – who are going to be the only people voting for Yang, plus maybe a few gen-xers – is going to actually care about bizarro world charges of Nazism by the Chinese Democrat. They don’t even read/watch the mainstream media. All that young leftists care about is their own financial problems, mainly student loans and not having $1000. Yes, they ostensibly care about social justice, but they’re not so stupid as boomers as to believe a Chinese guy is a Nazi.

Fifthly, there was no other way he could have possibly hoped to have won other than combining right-wing and left-wing young people into a single voting bloc. He clearly understands this, because he says all this stuff about white people (and that thing about Israel), which was obvious bait for the formerly Trump-supporting base to get on board with this.

He knows what he’s doing. He’s going by the data. Even if he isn’t a PRC spy, he is Chinese and has a team of people that are analyzing hard data to run a data-driven campaign. A pragmatic data-driven campaign can destroy other campaigns, and the Democrats are running an ideological campaign while Trump is running some kind of suicidal Mossad campaign.

And the data is self-explanatory: 4chan, alt-Twitter and Daily Stormer are a massive engine of high-intensity shilling, and there is an entire “trickle-down culture” (just thought of that term yesterday, this is my first time using it) wherein memes on the internet spread into real life memes and push ideas everywhere. That meme culture that is at the heart of the trickle-down effect can only be run by fanatics.

Finally, I’m not even going to ever be quoted by the media, so don’t blame the coming storm of anti-Yang “because nazis” coverage on me. They are going to roll out Richard Spencer, and they are going to quote 4chan. The very first article attacking Yang over this in The Verge didn’t mention me. In 2016, it would have been the headline. I am still under a media blackout. Maybe a few places will quote me, but I won’t be a fixture like I was in 2016. It’s just not going to happen. You can’t even blame me for “inspiring” 4chan because for one no one can inspire 4chan and for two they were in the Yang Gang like almost a week before me.

What Daily Stormer will be is a source spigot for the trickle-down culture, as it has successfully managed to be for the last six years. They can talk about me or not talk about me (I prefer when they do not – the blackout is mutually beneficial to me and the Jew media), but millions of people still read the site and are influenced by it. I have good arguments.

And no right-winger is going to be arguing with me about Yang this time next week. I guarantee you that. Some of them still are now, but by next week, that will be gone.

By next week, we will have come together as one GANG.

We are now officially back on track here, kids.

We’re getting the GANG back together for one last ride.

You can feel the energy, as if it is pulsating from the earth itself.

And that energy says:

GIVE ME $1000!

Here’s Chairman Yang at SXSW on Monday, speaking on the issues we care about: robots and getting $1000/m for free.