Retarded Little Girl Statue on Wall Street at Center of Lawsuit Over Pay Discrimination

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2017

Remember that retarded statue they put up on Wall St? There is no way that it wouldn’t somehow elicit controversy eventually. Behold:


The statue of a young girl staring down Wall Street’s famous stock market bull was installed to draw attention to gender inequality and the pay gap in the corporate world.

But in an ironic twist the firm behind the Fearless Girl statue will pay $5m (£3.8m; €4.3m) in a row over equal pay.

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) has been accused by the US Department of Labor of paying hundreds of female executives less than male colleagues.

The firm denies the claims.

It said it wanted to bring an end to the matter.

The fund manager will pay the settlement to more than 300 senior female staff which were paid less than their male counterparts, according to the Department of Labor.

The disparity was uncovered during a 2012 pay audit.

The settlement also covers allegations that the firm paid 15 black employees less than their white counterparts.

State Street has denied any pay discrimination for both its female and black employees.

There are two important take-aways from this whole ridiculous affair.

First off, this was all just a sickening and cloying display of corporate virtue-sniveling.

Instead of showing actual commitment to doing good in the world instead of enslaving the goyim, they just decided to let a little girl statue based on a composite of all the little goy girls they molested at their last dreidel and blow party to be put up opposite the bull.

So now the Left loves them for it – because the Left no longer cares about higher wages or better working conditions – and the Right loves them for it too.


Because that’s what it’s all about right? Being milquetoast and affable enough to not attract any attention allows them to keep on fleecing the White masses.

But then it bit them in the ass anyway. Turns out that putting up a little statue isn’t enough, got to increase Diversity ™ even on Wall St according to the cultural revolutionaries. I’m pretty sure that they weren’t even underpaying them, but paying them according to output metrics, which simply de facto meant that they’d pay women and minorities less.

Serves them right though.

Now Wall Street may have to walk the walk, instead of talk the talk and hire unqualified people into their firms. Hopefully this leads to disaster.

Wouldn’t it be something if the little girl statue ended up causing the stock market to change, the collapse to happen and RAHOWA to start?

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  1. These thots ruin everything… even their own thot schemes!!!

  2. But in an ironic twist the firm behind the Fearless Girl statue will pay $5m (£3.8m; €4.3m) in a row over equal pay.

    hahaha…$5 mil. Big fucking deal. That’s not even a drop in the bucket compared against the mega-billions
    these firms swindled from the U.S. taxpayers, small investors and pensioners in the 2008 “Too-big-to-fail”
    scam. Incredibly, the House voted against the bail-out bill in the first place, but then when the representatives
    got home they were summoned by their (((masters))) to return to congress for a re-vote, where they all voted
    in favor of bailing out these corporate (((fuckers))).

    Every rep’s office had been flooded with phone calls, faxes and constituents demanding that their reps
    defeat the bill, and every rep who voted for it the second time around you can bet was a shabbos goy
    for sure. With us guys here and the people much more aware of what the kikes are up to, with the Overton
    window much further to the right, could something like that happen today?

  3. The “pay gap” is still being spread by mass media? How fucking stupid are people that they haven’t even learned that it’s kike bullshit? I know centrist normies who are aware of that for fuck sake

  4. gtkwrn says:

    that stAtue is one sassy little bitch

  5. Of course she’s a psychoanalyst as well. Seriously, Jews destroying our culture, (((empowering))) women while also pussifying young men…

    We need some form of White Sharia. Seriously.

  6. bijuz says:

    Women will come in late, yak half the day, make personal calls, take days off for headaches, camp out in the bathroom, and leave early. They are overpaid.
    At least they used to make coffee.
    I liked the other hat that metal heap used to wear better.

  7. How long before some based pick-up driver mows her down?..she seems pretty vulnerable out there…

    Not only that, but obviously, irl that bull would tear her to shreds before she could even say “Muh feminism!..”

    Also, I agree that women -and Blacks- were probably paid less simply based on output metrics and performance bonuses that you obviously don’t get if you don’t perform…

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