Report from the Golden Dawn 8th Congress in Athens!

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2016


“WE WANT OUR FATHERLAND BACK!” was the slogan of the 8th Golden Dawn Congress.

Golden Dawn members from all over meet to organize a new national council and much more. The event had members from Golden Dawn Australia Divisions, Golden Dawn New York, myself included and even other European Nationalists from France, England, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy and Denmark.  This event was truly monumental and one that marks the beginning of the return of the Europe of the Nations.

Here is the televised event which the Greek media wished to not air, but was required by law: 

For myself, this event was more than just an epic congress, it was a very emotional and life changing experience that I will remember the rest of my life. I saw old comrades, some of which I had not seen in almost a decade, and I had the opportunity to meet new ones, and those who I had only read about, living legends.

I cannot possibly cover in one article the number of dedicated nationalists fighting for our fatherland. I will simply give highlights from my experience there to share with you.

The first day of the conference was for Golden Dawn Local Organization Leaders, Parliament Members and other Central Committee members where strategy was discussed. I had the honor of giving a speech to my comrades and pledging to continue the fight from abroad for Golden Dawn against the forces that wish to destroy our fatherland.

I spend a good amount of time with the Members of Golden Dawn Australia and its key members such as Iggy Gavrilidis. Meeting them for the first time was great since we had only spoke over the phone, and we discussed aspects that we as Golden Dawners living abroad face. Later on after the conference they were sent to the suburbs of Athens to help Greeks who have been driven into poverty by Syriza and its “Radical Leftist” Government.

wpid-image-4.jpg wpid-image-6.jpg wpid-image-7.jpg

Pictured Above: Local woman embraces Golden Dawn Australia members, as a feeling of hope and solidarity overwhelms those who realize they are not forgotten.

I brought as much as I could carry in the form of energy bars which will be given to the Greek school kids who go without breakfast when I went to the offices. I had the honor of seeing the leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Parliament members such as Christos Pappas, Giorgos Germenis and too many others to name who I had not seen in years. It really felt more of a family reunion than a simple political party congress. It was a feeling of coming home. That my friends it what Golden Dawn is all about.  With all of the horrible things happening all around us, we derive a feeling of strength that our enemies will never understand. That feeling is based on what is natural and healthy.  We will have our fatherland back, and we will have it back together as one!

I would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes, some day soon we shall rise together like a phoenix from the ashes!