Rep. Omar About to Set Off Chink-Muzzie War Over Uighur Re-Education Camps

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

It was fated to be. The great Chink-Muzzie war of our time.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a hoax.

The camps exist, but the reports of death and torture and the rest of the atrocities coming out of that province are almost all sourced from biased angry Uighurs. It is part of the whole US plot to create a united Muzzie/Central Asian front against China and the Uighurs are key to that plan.

The Dalai Lama and the whole Tibet thing are part of it as well, but let’s table that for now.

Ilhan Omar probably got a memo from the smarter Moslems who are in on the whole plan and told to tweet something out. I don’t think most US senators know about East Turkestan. I definitely don’t think that a Somali-American knows anything about the Uighurs, despite the Moslem connection. The average African Moslem doesn’t know anything about Islam in Asia.

Despite the fact that China has been dealing with Moslems in this region using various authoritarian measures for a very long time – I remember reading about them banning beards years ago – the media has decided to start pushing the whole “China genociding the poor Moslems” thing quite recently.

All of a sudden, we’re hearing about concentration camps and probably masturbatoriums soon enough. This is quite similar to the manufactured crisis that was whipped up about the Rohingya situation in Myanmar.

Once again, we had to hear about how the poor Moslems were being rounded up and killed for no reason at all by the non-Moslem government. The narrative is always the same: no matter what country or part of the world the Moslems find themselves in, they are the victims of some government genocide operation or another. And in the case of Myanmar, the government is a vassal state/close partner of China – their leader, Daw Suu is a pureblooded Chinese – so the whole thing was a proxy attack on China.

Meanwhile, China is working overtime to try and contain the situation in the east of the country because there have been lots of terror attacks and it’s only a matter of time before East Turkestan becomes a haven for Jihadis to come join the fight against China.

The Islamic Xinjiang province is crucial as well because it borders Russia and Kazakhstan and with enough oil and gas pipelines, it can make China entirely energy-sufficient so that they won’t have to rely on key maritime chokepoints controlled by the US.

In other words, it’s only a matter of time before the CIA triggers a war there.

The area is already filled to the brim with assets. Turkey’s secret services, in particular, are involved in the region. And I mean all of it. Not just East Turkestan.

Most of the population of the former Soviet bloc central Asian countries are “Turkic peoples.” Before the whole return to Islam thing became increasingly popular with the rise of Erdogan, the other Imperial project they had going on was the pan-Turkic idea.

So they had their agents crawling all over the region, even in Soviet times.

Long story short, they’re trying to make the moral case for starting something in the name of the Holocausted peoples of East Turkestan yearning for democracy and freedom and groaning under the boot of Chinese Communism, or whatever.

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  1. With the genetics of the Uighurs, I’ve found this

    Our results showed that UIG was formed by two-way admixture, with 60% European ancestry and 40% East Asian ancestry…

  2. Uighur nationalists? Uignats?

  3. The province is rich in natural resources itself, besides pipelines, as is Tibet. There’s lots of natural gas, coal and some oil. There’s also gold, salt and iron.

    But Xinjiang was originally as Turkic as Anatolia. You can’t really blame the Chinese for anything they’re doing. Xinjiang was part of the Chinese Tang Dynasty 1300 years ago.

    Then the Chinese had a big war with Tibet, the Tang Dynasty collapsed and the turkroaches moved in from Siberia. Eventually, China reconquered the region during the Qing dynasty in the 18th century. It’s really not all that different than the history of Spain, except the Chinese didn’t immediately eradicate the muzrats, and have had to deal with many uprisings and terror attacks they’re starting to really find all so tiresome.

  4. They’ve been trying the pan-Turanist (or, more narrowly, pan-Turkic) trick since the days of the Young Turks and the CUP. Enver Pasha was keen on pan-Turanism (after his fall from power in Constantinople, he tried to strip up an anti-Russian/anti-Soviet rebellion in Central Asia - the Basmachi insurgency - and set up a Turkic/Islamic sultanate, only to be defeated and killed by Soviet troops in 1922)

    You can read up on these events, they’re fun and interesting.

    History for brainlets:

    More indepth stuff:

    Anyway, even though the Turks have been meddling in Central Asian affairs for ever, they still do not have much to show for their efforts.

    Central Asian trade and, more generally, culture, people and attitudes, still gravitate a lot more towards Moscow than Istanbul.

    If anything, the Chinese, with their New Silk Road project, have made deeper inroads in Central Asia than the Turks.

    And let’s not forget the Americans, who got late into the game (2001 attack on Afghanistan) but are to be counted with.

  5. Interestingly enough, Uighurs are relatively recent converts to Islam.

    At the height of the Mongol empire, which spanned from Eastern Europe to the Pacific, an Uighur Christian bishop (of an Eastern Christian denomination) was sent by the Mongol Grand Khan as an envoy to London, to negotiate a joint attack on the Mamluks of Egypt (a project which never materialized).

  6. G-Man says:

    Ah yes, the Uignats. I’ve been following their activities for a while, snapped this shot of their ringleader…

  7. Chinks>Muzzrats end of.

    The Chinks don’t give a fuck and have more of everything than the muzzrats.

    Chinks win, muzzrats lose.

  8. Fyi, the “Mongols” were really Tartars.


  10. The Dalai Lama seems to be getting well with the CCP for now.

    Kinda like blacks find themselves victims of police brutality no matter where.

    Another Kosovo for glow in the dark operations.

    They are basically the turkyfied descendents of the tocharians but I would be unsure if the “European” part wouldn’t be better called as West Eurasian as they have other kinds of admixture.
    Apparently the tocharians were not exactly Europeans by their DNA, having origin in multiple populations from Europe to South Asia before settling there.
    Even though they have patrilineal and matrilineal haplotypes typically associated with Europeans you could already see gook admixture in them:

    And even dothead admixture:

    Also, thanks for putting a genetic study here @Nationalist4UK

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