Reminder on the Background of the Syrian War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

In light of recent events, it is worthwhile to give a brief summary of the events of the Syrian war for those who weren’t reading the Daily Stormer (or other decent alternative media) a few years ago, or who simply need a refresher.

It has truly been an absolutely bizarre period of human history.

I will just give an outline from memory, without specific sources. My memory is very good, but if there is any point you want to know more about, all of this can be Googled. Despite the fact that the media runs with a very specific narrative, none of what I am saying here is especially controversial, and all of it has been reported by the mainstream media.

I will make it as clear as possible when I am giving my own view or the view of the Russians. For example, it has never been officially confirmed that the gassing videos are staged or that Obama was bombing random empty places in the desert, although Russians and Assad have claimed both of these things, and I personally believe them to be true; most or all of the rest of it has been publicly admitted by official Western media and government sources.

  • Starting in 2011, the US-Israeli Spook Industrial Complex ran something called “The Arab Spring” all across the Middle East, using social media and strategic weapons shipments to cause Islamic Jihadist uprisings against populist strongmen governments. The Media continually referred to these as “democracy human rights freedom” revolts.
  • The purpose of the Arab Spring was to destabilize Arab countries, as Israel views strong Arab countries as a threat to their project. The Jews prefer countries be run by Sunni terrorists, who will keep the region in a constant state of chaos. Sunni terrorists are also backed by, and for the most part loyal to, Saudi Arabia, which is effectively a puppet-state of Israel.
  • Syria was intended to be a casualty of the Arab Spring, and after successful uprisings in Tunisia, Libya and Yemen in 2011, a large group of terrorists were moved to Syria, whose government has long been considered a serious threat to Israel.
  • Syrian President Bashir al-Assad, a Shiite leader of a Sunni-majority country, aligned with Lebanese Shiite militia group Hezbollah and Iran and successfully fought back against mainly foreign terrorists that were flooding the country.
  • “ISIS” declared itself a thing in 2014, as terrorists took over a large swath of land in Syria and Iraq. They quickly gained a good reputation among Sunni Moslems the world over after releasing a series of Hollywood-style mass-beheading videos, and successfully inspiring several terrorist attacks in the West. Moslems from all over the world flew into Turkey and crossed the border to join the holy jihad.
  • These terrorists were being funded heavily by both America, via the CIA, and by Israel. There was a bizarre situation in which Barack Obama’s government continually claimed that they were funding only “moderate terrorists” who were allies of ISIS, but were not directly funding ISIS itself.
  • The vague explanation offered by the Obama government as to why it was important to overthrow Assad was that he was against “democracy and human rights,” and it was repeatedly claimed that he was “gassing his own people” and “barrel-bombing his own people.” Assad continually denied that he was doing this, and the US never offered any explanation as to why someone fighting a war against an invading army of foreign terrorists would randomly begin murdering their own people. They vaguely implied that it was because he was insane, or perhaps just a mean person. Various videos of gassings were released, all of which appeared to have been staged with actors.
  • Despite claims that the CIA was only funding “moderate terrorists,” weapons sent by the US to Syria were continually shown to be ending up in the hands of ISIS proper. Israel was openly offering aid to ISIS, and actually brought a camera crew to show them treating terrorists for injuries in the Golan Heights.
  • Barack Obama, maintaining publicly that he was entering the war to fight against both sides – Assad’s government and ISIS – began a bombing campaign and sent troops in to be “advisors” to “moderate terrorists.” Russia and the Assad government both alleged that the US was only helping terrorists, and that when they claimed to be bombing ISIS, they were actually just bombing random empty places in the desert.
  • In the summer of 2015, after a picture of a dead Kurdish child on a beach was spammed across all television the world over, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that all refugees from Syria should march through Europe into Germany, where they would be allowed to live on welfare. More than two million people took her up on her offer, the overwhelming majority of which were military-aged men. It turned out that most of them were not from Syria at all (possibly as many as 85% were from Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries that are not Syria). This, along with the boat invasion from Libya that resulted from the fall of the Gaddaffi regime which was taken-out by the Obama administration, was the beginning of the “European migrant crisis.”
  • Russia, a long-time ally of the Assad regime, entered the war in late 2015, and began bombing terrorists in support of the country’s official government. The Obama government complained that Russia was not bombing ISIS and only bombing US-backed “moderate terrorists.” Putin responded that the government of Russia didn’t recognize a difference between different types of terrorists, joking that Russia would use “moderate bombs” on Obama’s “moderate terrorists.”
  • The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) attempted to goad the Obama administration into launching a full-on invasion of Syria to support moderate terrorists on the basis of what appeared to be staged video of chemical weapons being used on a civilian population by the Assad government. However, due to a total lack of public support, and in fact a public outcry against another war in the Middle East, Obama backed down.
  • Russia continued to make progress with her allies in ridding the country of terrorists and reestablishing Assad as the singular power in the country.
  • US involvement in the country became an issue in the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton argued for more aggressive involvement in the country, vowing that if she was elected she would create a no-fly zone and shoot down Russian jets to protect “moderate terrorists.” Trump, conversely, took a hardline anti-interventionist position during the campaign, voicing support for both Russia and the Assad government.
  • After Trump’s election victory, in April of 2017, just a few months after he was sworn in, Trump responded to another apparently staged gassing video by bombing a random Syrian military base. It was a symbolic gesture, as it did not do any serious damage, but was extremely disheartening to Trump’s base.
  • Shortly thereafter, Trump began cutting funding for CIA programs backing “moderate terrorists” (again, most of the weapons and money was actually going to ISIS), which allowed for Russia to effectively rid the country of terrorists.
  • In 2017, the Kurds, a minority group in Syria, Iraq and Turkey, attempted to establish an independent state out of the chaos. Iraq crushed this within their own borders, but within Syria, US and Israeli forces began heavily supporting Kurds in an attempt to keep the war going.
  • Bizarrely, in April of 2018, Trump again did a symbolic bombing attack on Assad in response to yet another apparently staged “self-gassing” video. He again did not follow-up, despite cries from Jews to launch an invasion of the country. Both the bombings were considered to be attempts to satisfy Jews, though they were clearly not successful.
  • Presently, there are officially 2000 American troops in Syria (although the number is likely significantly higher), ostensibly supporting Kurdish separatists against Turkey, and also ostensibly fighting terrorists which appear to not exist anymore.
  • The country is effectively completely terrorist-free, and cities are being rebuilt. The war is over, and Assad is back in control of his country.

That brings us to where we were when President Trump ordered a pullout of American troops from the country.

The Mattis resignation and the subsequent outrage by the American media establishment – coming from both the left and the right, with WaPo and Fox News agreeing that we must remain in Syria – signifies the Jewish desire to reignite the war, somehow, in order to topple Assad.

As long as there are American troops in Syria, something could happen that could justify an escalation. Most likely, an incident could be staged in which American troops are ostensibly killed by either Assad or Russian forces, which Trump could then be bullied into responding to with severely escalated force. Sadly, Trump has already shown, with the two April revenge bombings, that he is willing enough to act in an egregious manner in response to clearly staged provocations.

If there are no American troops in the country, American troops cannot be killed in a staged provocation. Yes, another fake gassing video can emerge, but by withdrawing the troops in the country he is making an aggressive statement against interventionism in general.

The vitriolic way in which the media is presently attacking Trump over the pullout is serving to prove the point that there is no point to these interventions. The media narrative that has emerged since Trump’s announcement is literally just sputtering rage. There is not a single clear explanation being presented as to why American troops should be in Syria, or anywhere else in the Middle East.

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