Regarding the Anti-Hillary Strategy: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2016

Trump is still winning in the polls, despite what the lying Jew media claims.


But it’s close and the battle is far from over.

These last two months are going to be critical. Trump needs to go all-out and completely obliterate Hillary, to the point where no one in their right mind could cast the ballot. At this point, things are so close that if Trump is able humiliate Hillary publicly enough to convince a significant portion of natural Democrat voters to just stay home, he will have clinched it.

Dr. Patrick Slattery, writing for, has penned an open letter to Trump, advising him to hit Hillary where she is most vulnerable.

That letter follows.

After a week of sending mixed signals, Donald Trump doubled down on his tough immigration policy in last night’s speech. Not only did he reiterate his determination to build a wall (including the pointless insistence that Mexico pay for it) and deport all illegal aliens, he also pledged to replace our current LEGAL immigration system and base the new system on meritocracy.

In other words, people with the skills and education to contribute to our society and the background to assimilate (he really emphasized the importance of assimilation, believe me) can still come, but illiterate Somali jihadists better hope Hillary wins.

This would mark a major shift from our current immigration system, under which three-fourths of legal immigrants come here on the basis of having a family relationship to a recent immigrant to the United States, including to anchor babies.

In the words of the late Senator Eugene McCarthy, a co-sponsor of the 1965 Immigration Act who later recognized his mistake, immigration policy making in the United States has been turned over to the immigrant communities themselves. To that, I would add the preeminent role played by Jewish groups.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, appeared on Don Lemon’s CNN show after the speech, stating “This speech is clearly geared at [white males], to make sure they are there, he has locked them in for the election. And now he is going to have to go and expand, there is no question about it, but this speech right here, ‘America First’ is something that has got him to this point, and he’s doubled down on it tonight.”

A black co-panelist scoffed, suggesting that no one else was going to vote for Trump and boosting that there just aren’t enough white men to win the election.

This is why Donald Trump needs to pivot — to foreign policy.

Hillary has a disastrous record on foreign policy, and the fact that she has the experience of Secretary of State makes her all the more vulnerable.

Now I want to directly address Donald Trump here:

Donald, I am pretty sure your people monitor our radio show. We know Hillary’s team does, after all, she directly quoted Dr. Duke and Don Advo in her big speech on the Alt-Right.

I think your people are listening too. A week after I called Hillary “the Mother of ISIS,” you came out and called Hillary and Obama “the Founders of ISIS.” Whoever gave you that line probably got it from me. But they didn’t explain the rational for the claim, and you pretty much screwed it up.

So put down that damn cell phone and pay attention. You can tweet later. Donald… Donald!


Look, there is so much material out there. Let me give you a short list off the top of my head for starters. More will follow, believe me!

Libya: Hillary cackled like the Wicked Witch of the West when she was told about the death of Muammar Gadaffi. (Notice that it was her constant “companion” Huma Abedin who gave her the news.) Even Obama himself has called it the “worst mistake of his presidency,” and we know that it was Hillary who pushed him on this. It directly led to large parts of Libya coming under ISIS control and turned Libya into a superhighway for economic migrants and terrorists to take the “refugee” boat convoy to Europe.

Syria: Hillary’s Syria policy, and we know it she was pushing a reluctant Obama to try to overthrow Assad, has been a complete disaster. You know this. But why aren’t you hammering this home? Last year General Austin told Congress that $500 million in training and supplies to “Syrian rebels” had only produced “four or five” troops on the ground fighting against ISIS. Rachel Maddow of all people aired the general’s pathetic admission. Why hasn’t your team? So sad. So sad. You may well ask what happened to all that money if only four or five of those trained are not fighting ISIS? Obviously, the other “rebels” who were armed and trained ran off and joined ISIS. It’s not just hyperbole that Hillary is the mother of ISIS!

Iraq: As Senator, Hillary supported the Iraq War, which you opposed. Not only that, but all of the Republican Neocon architects of the Iraq War, the War on Terror, and the nation building wars have endorsed Hillary, from Paul Wolfowitz to Robert Kagan. Every time one of these “experts” comes out in support of Hillary, you should be hammering on the fact that they together with Hillary are responsible for the giant mess we are in. You could call on her to “disavow” their support. How about that? Instead you have a Neocon like Rudy Giuliani acting as one of your surrogates on foreign policy. So stupid!

Russia: Hillary has compared Putin to Hitler. She promoted former Dick Cheney advisor Victoria Nuland to State Department Spokesperson. Nuland then went on to engineer the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected president and installed a government that is pushing for an insane war with Russia. You have said that you could get along with Putin and that it would be insane to start World War III over Syria. Thank you!

But you hardly ever talk about this, when you do talk about it you are not very clear, and none of your surrogates is capable of addressing this subject. Get your people to go back and listen to the last 13 months of Professor Stephen F. Cohen’s interviews on the John Batchelor Show. In fact, call him up. Have him brief you on Russia and Syria. He makes a vastly better case for you than all of your inept surrogates combined, and he has not even said he would vote for you.

It’s not that I am saying Hillary WANTS World War III. But she has without doubt surrounded herself with advisors and donors who are more than willing to risk war with Russia in order to overthrow Putin, or even just to sooth Israel’s paranoid delusions about Iran.

Those are just four points, but that’s enough for starters. Take the video and references here, and make a real commercial attacking Hillary on specific issues that really matter. Did you even see the new Trump commercial that is running in swing states? It is nothing but vague, unsubstantiated claims that things will be better under you than under Hillary. It was probably written by the same people who sabotaged your wife’s convention speech. Why would anybody waste money producing that crap when the internet if full of Hillary saying and doing the most outrageous things.

Seriously, I am just a guy writing this off the top of my head in my spare time. You’re running a billion dollar campaign. This stuff is not that hard. There are guys sitting in their parents’ basements producing better video’s than your team!

So you can absolutely seal the deal with foreign policy. But even with other topics, you could be doing so much better. During the first Democratic debate when asked whether “all lives matter” or “black lives matter,” without missing a beat Hillary replied “black lives matter.” She makes all these speeches about how blacks are being victimized by the cops and how whites have privilege and need to do a better job listening to black complaints about racism, then has the mothers of criminals killed while attacking cops talk at her convention. Why is there no commercial about this? Colin Flaherty’s YouTube channel has more material than you will ever need. Get him to make a commercial for you.

Even on immigration, why don’t you ever point out that Hillary has openly called for giving illegal immigrants Obamacare. Just maybe not the same level of subsidies until they can be given amnesty.

So Donald, I am sorry that I have to take this tone with you. I really appreciate the great sacrifices you are making. In fact, I recognize that you may well be all that stands between us and a civilization-ending World War under Commander-in-Chief Hillary. So don’t screw this up!


Dr. Patrick Slattery

September 1, 2016