Regarding Black Christian Preachers

Daily Stormer
October 21, 2014

Christianity is not native to Africans, and thus they have some issues properly executing it.

We ran a story about this situation in South Africa a few days ago, but here’s the raw video, for posterity.

The Black preacher Lesego Daniel is feeding them petrol, which he uses magic to turn into pineapple juice. He also makes them eat grass.

Christianity doesn’t seem to work very well in Africa. They just turn it into this weird ecstatic voodoo crap. Black preachers in America are a little bit more reasonable, due to their proximity to White preachers, but it is still generally a bunch of shouting and flailing around and often includes magical powers.

Other weird things as well.

Here are some examples of Black American preachers:

What this demonstrates is that religion, like all other culture, is an expression of the racial soul of a people. This is why assimilation to a culture for a person of another race is generally impossible. The culture itself comes from the blood, so if a person appears to have adapted to an alien culture, they are simply pretending, and their blood longs to revert to whatever state it exists in in nature.  Thus, when the White man spends billions of dollars of his own resources to Christianize Blacks, they simply take it and do their own thing with it.

But, maybe some modified version of Christianity could be good for Black people (God knows they need to figure out something). They would need positive representations of their own unique blood heritage in order to save their society. Pastor Manning does a good job.

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