Reddit Mods Trying to Burn This Bitch Down Because Stupid Goyim Critical of Invasion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2015

How do I burned down bitch?
How do I burned down bitch?

As we recently reported here on the Daily Stormer, sites across the tubes are shutting down their comments sections. These include The Verge, The Daily Beast and The Daily Dot. All cannot continue to allow input from potentially politically incorrect individuals who wish to give input on the issues of the day.

But what are sites that rely on user-submitted content to do?

How can they shut down discussion, when their entire concept is based on discussion?

Reddit is currently in crisis over this very issue.


Users of the Europe subreddit, to the horror of their moderators, are now voting for more discussion of immigration. At the time of writing, 9 of the top 10 most popular posts on /r/Europe are about the refugee crisis.

In a post on the left-leaning “circlebroke” subreddit, a moderator called NorrisOBE asked for help containing what he called “immispam” on the subreddit. In other words, redditors daring to discuss immigration and expressing opinions that the site’s left-leaning authoritarian moderators would rather stay quiet on.

NorrisOBE wrote of his despair at his moderation team’s inability to control the interests of their users. “This is getting problematic,” said the mod. “I really don’t want to give up on /r/europe.”

So much problematic discussion! It’s only a matter of time before the moderators resort to smelling salts and therapy.

In his hand-wringing post, NorrisOBE expresses particular concern that “xenophobes” and (the horror!) “right-wingers” may be gaining popularity on the Europe subreddit.

Perhaps what he meant to say is that sceptics of mass immigration are gaining popularity. In a post about Hungary’s erection of a barbed-wire fence along its borders, most of the popular comments from /r/Europe were approving. The top comment reads: “Damn, these Hungarians are fast.”

Another says: “Hungary teaching us how to protect borders, applause.” Another popular post on the subreddit is a link to statistics claiming that only 1 in 5 migrants entering Europe are from Syria.

All of this has horrified the lone moderator, who has now begged left-leaning members of Reddit to advise him on how to censor and control discussion. “We’ve done everything from Mass Auto Tagging /r/european users to banning day-old accounts,” he complained. “Still does not solve the problem.”

The solution may be to simply shut the internet down entirely, and simply send Jews to everyone’s houses to live with them and explain to them what they are to believe about every issue.

That, or Reddit could hire cyber-detectives to backtrace every right-winger and they could send death squads after them.


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