Reddit Censors Coming Down, CoonTown Still Stands

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2015

If you don't know what reddit is, please stop reading here.
If you don’t know what reddit is, please stop reading here.

There’s a new sheriff in town.


The new CEO of Reddit said the popular site is going to clean up its act.

Co-founder Steve Huffman, who has returned to the CEO position, said Reddit will enforce stricter policies on what can and cannot be said on the site.

This includes banning everything from spam to discussions of illegal materials. It would also ban confidential or private information about individuals, as well as harassment and bullying.

“As Reddit has grown, they’ve seen how totally unrestricted free speech can make Reddit a less enjoyable place to visit, and can even cause people harm,” Huffman said.

And there has been a threat of purge.

But CoonTown remains, as mighty as ever.

The ashes clear, but there still stands the shining city on the hill: CoonTown.

Pao is now whining that she was forced to resign by trolls after saying that she thought certain forms of “harassment” should be banned.

In order to allow this photo to be published at the top of your own op-ed, you would have to be completely unhinged.
In order to allow this photo to be published at the top of your own op-ed, you would have to be completely unhinged.

I know that some viewed it as a victory when Pao resigned, but as I have said, I think this nutty Chinawoman was the only thing allowing freedom to continue to march, and she was basically just appeasing the media when she told them she was going to do something about speech.

Obviously, it is a serious corporate problem for Reddit, this SJW agenda against them, because if you start banning people for various forms of speech, the censors just keep asking for more, and then you don’t have a site anymore because if people wanted to deal with that crap they’d have stuck to Facebook.

What Reddit has now done is removed ads from CoonTown and other related subreddits, like “well yeah, but we’re not making money off racism.” But what it looks like to the SJWs is that they aren’t making money from it so they are doing it as a free service to evil racists, meaning they themselves must be secret racists.

Because the concept of free speech means less than nothing to SJWs.

The entire SJWeb is now exploding with calls to burn down CoonTown.


They really screwed up when they banned r/fatpeoplehate, because now it looks like it is against the rules to hate fat people but not Blacks, Jews, etc.

I can’t say for certain how this is going to play out, but it is really a novelty that a site such as Reddit continues to host aggressively racist content, and I just can’t see them holding out for long. Though I expected a serious purge as soon as Pao quit, and it doesn’t make sense you would let it drag out like this if you were planning on acquiescing.

So we’ll see.

For now, visit CoonTown, GasTheKikes and WhiteRights while you still can.

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