Ralph Retort Kiked by Abrasive Wall Street Journal Gook Yoree Koh…! [UPDATE: WSJ Kills Cancer Children]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018


YouTube just refunded money Ralph raised for cancer kids during his recent charity drive.

Jared Holt is mocking dying cancer children.

Evil people who say mean things cannot just be allowed to help cancer children, dochaknow.

This is the ugly gook killer of cancer children’s email: yoree.koh@wsj.com

You can ask her if she enjoys the thought of white children with cancer dying, or if she just thinks stopping people from making politically incorrect jokes is more important than the lives of children.

Also maybe ask her if she is a part of a Chinese spy ring infiltrating the American media for the purpose of killing white children by denying them cancer treatment.

Also ask her why she killed and ate my dog.

Original article follows.

It always happened again, Mr. Pesos. Because Jews got shot.

The latest victim of the synagogue shooting is none other than our dear friend Ethan Ralph of our dear YouTube show Ralph Retort.

Ralph Retort is my personal favorite show on the internet. Because it is fun and entertaining. And of course, the filthy sneaky Jews have to ruin not simply my own media operation, but ruin my personal life by destroying all of my favorite things.

Thursday night, Ralph was on Twitter discussing the fact that the Wall Street Journal is preparing a hitpiece on him. He said that he would elaborate on it on the show.

The hitpiece is being written by an ugly gook (you won’t hear me put those two words together often, let me tell you – but I calls em as I sees em).

These ugly gook has already locked her Twitter.

It goes without saying that whatever Ralph said, it was not as brutal as when Yoree Koh ate my dog.

Of course, we know who is REALLY behind it (Jews). Apparently – based on what Ralph has said about the emails he received from this ugly gook – they are claiming that Ralph supported the attack on the synagogue or something.

I wouldn’t put it past Ralph to provide support for a synagogue shooter – he’s a violent felon who attacks cops regularly in his neverending psycho quest to make gaming journalism ethical.

But I don’t see why this isn’t the business of the police instead of the Wall Street Journal.

Despite the fact that the article isn’t even out yet, as soon as he went to talk about it on his stream last night – BANG!

Right in the middle of the show, YouTube pulled the plug.

This is clearly collusion between YouTube and the Wall Street Journal.

How else is YouTube going to know to shut it down before the article even comes out?

They also shut down his co-host Zidan’s streaming ability – even though he had no strikes on his account!

So they shut him down because of what he was saying on another channel – meaning it was not just some mass complaining operation, but something on the back end by the company itself.

Ralph says he’ll be back tonight, presumably on some other channel.

People can figure out where to find that. It’s not on his main channel.

Everybody Getting Banned Out Der

It’s insane that Ralph is the target following a synagogue shooting, because he isn’t even a white nationalist and has a disenfranchised Paki wife.

But that is the way these things work – an event happens and they use it to just close down entire sectors of the internet that they’ve had on lists for shutdowns for a long time.

Everyone is getting hit out there.

Even the virulent Jew Laura Loomer – and that’s funny, because that mutant kike pervert has pushed to have me banned from things and successfully had our Discord channel shut down (which was a blessing in disguise) – but I don’t support ANYONE being shut down. So yes, I support Laura Loomer having free speech.

This is why you cannot have a free country and have Jews in it.

People will complain about their behavior and instead of changing their behavior or at least discussing it, they hoax a shooting of their own synagogue and then take away all your freedoms.

I am so very tired of Jews.