Radio 3Fourteen: Mike Enoch and Seventh Son – The (((Echo))) Can Be Heard In Orlando

Lana Lokteff
Red Ice
June 17, 2016


Mike Enoch and Seventh Son are behind – a political and cultural blog aimed at reinvigorating dialogue among a disparate and edgy right-wing and rustling jimmies among the childish and regressive left-wing. Their weekly podcast, The Daily Shoah, infuses edgy humor to touch on current events and politics.

Mike and Seventh Son join us following a couple of honored tributes to the Alt-Right – a massive troll on the mainstream press and the Anti-Defamation League adding a new hate symbol to their list, the (((  ))). The Daily Shoah was brought to the world’s attention after credited the anti-Semitic podcast for originating the (((echo))), a symbol used to visually represent their signature Semite sound effect. This inspired the (((coincidence detector))) Google Chrome tracking ap that was recently shoahed for violating “hate speech policy” and the resultant “reclaiming” of the parenthesis by various brave Jews across social medialand. Mike explains the fine points and powerful effects of shitposting, trolling and LARPing, and we look at how liberals are getting their cherished reverse psychology systematically flipped on their own whiny asses while their outplayed taboo/boundary breaking/rejection of traditionalism is now the picture of dull normiedom. Seventh Son emphasizes how the convoluted ideologies of “conservatives” and “liberals” have both become the gold standard for the mainstream and elite consensuses, and now ironically appeal to those who are inherently the most authoritarian and intolerant. Then, we touch on the Orlando nightclub mass shooting and the fact that the Democrats are pro-Islam, which empirically represents anti-gay, making the event a valuable wedge issue for derailing the deranged tolerance narrative. We round off with some stabs at the cucked crying and libard logic that twists gun control, homophobia, US foreign policy and Islamaphobia into one big knot of blame for the world’s problems.