Radical Agenda S03E039 – Trending Transgressions

Christopher Cantwell
March 13, 2018

Here at the Radical Agenda, we started off as a very libertarian production. While we still have a solid appreciation for the philosophy, the necessities of the modern political climate have compelled us to take a stronger stance against certain social problems.

It might be all fine and well to suggest that in the absence of the welfare state, drug use could be discouraged by market forces. Someday that might be a fine experiment to try, but for now people are able to shrug off the costs of their bad behavior onto others, and so the State must step in to correct such destructive behaviors. If two men want to have sex with one another, even if they want to call it a marriage, “what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms” certainly does not prevail against the non-aggression principle. However, when homosexuals rightly perceive that society rejects their degenerate behavior, and organize politically to legally impose upon the populace a social equality for this degeneracy, aggression ensues, and defense becomes warranted. When national borders go unprotected by a government, freedom is not increased. Rather, the State acts as a poor steward of the taxpayers’ communal property, and unwelcomed invaders increase aggression by creating uninvited burdens upon the national infrastructure. This list could go on ad infinitum, but hopefully you get the basic idea.

The issue of transgenderism solidified this reality for me years ago, and recent events have only made harsher the realization. They are the perfect example of the incompatibility of freedom and democracy, especially in the presence of Jews. It is all fine and well if you want to destroy your mind and body with exogenous hormones and mutilation parading as surgery. It is fine, and even desirable, for you to commit suicide when that does nothing to cure your mental illness.

What is not fine is the demand for social and legal recognition of your mental illness as a legitimate political persuasion. What makes people angry, is demanding that your employer lose money by parading your sickness in front of his customers. What ought to be punishable by firing squad, is you dragging this degeneracy into classrooms, and imposing it upon our children at taxpayer expense. What justifies the extermination of your kind, is medically acting upon prepubescent children to bring them down into the depths of your lethal depravity.

A recent piece in NPR discusses how “more than half of transgender teachers face harassment or discrimination in the workplace,” as if the headline “Transgender degenerates are teaching your children” wasn’t more appropriate. These sick individuals have taken a debilitating mental illness, and turned it into curriculum for children, and when people rightly find this abhorrent, they cry bigotry.

Perhaps you think this is not a huge problem. How pervasive could this degeneracy be, you ask? Well, a more recent piece at NPR tells the tale that “Transgender Teachers, Long Isolated, Are Finding Strength In Numbers“.

These freaks have been ignored for too long, and as society ceased to ignore them, it began to accommodate them. Suddenly, we see gender neutral Mother’s Day cards. Even a hard edged football (soccer) club in England, whose slogan is “No one likes us, we don’t care,” was recently bullied into cancelling accomodations for a women’s organization, because transgender activists view women as bigots for not accepting men into their ranks based on mental defects. Laws in the United States are warped and ignored based on transgender ideology, as already misguided anti discrimination laws have their interpretations tortured to include these abominations.

So tell me this, stubborn libertarian. If people are forced to pay the salaries of people they do not want working for them, if taxpayers are compelled to subsidize mental illness as school curriculum, if language is so bastardized as to call men mothers, and people are fined and imprisoned for speaking out against this, what has your precious non-aggression principle done to prevent any of this? If one is interested in reducing the aggression in a society, would it not be preferable for the sick person to be caged or euthanized to prevent all these other problems?

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