Radical Agenda S03E029 – Active Shooter

Christopher Cantwell
February 17, 2018

It’s official, a Radical Agenda listener has shot up his school. Reports are pouring in that he went from classroom to classroom seeking out kikes and trannies and shouting “sorry for the F” as he mercilessly gunned them all down. Let’s hope the Anti Defamation League runs with that narrative without bothering to finish the paragraph, because I think this would be great advertising for the show.

What really happened was far more common and predictable than the Jews would have you believe. The hispanic looking shooter was on psychotropic drugs, most likely produced and marketed by Jews. Rather than the voice of your humble correspondent, Nikolas Cruz said “demon voices” told him how to pull off the shooting.

Of course, blaming Jewish wares for the problems of Western Societies is the definition of anti-Semitism, so you wouldn’t have leftists talking about such a thing. Instead, they tried to blame white supremacy. Using anonymous posts on 4Chan, the ADL and Associated Press ran with the story that Nikolas Cruz was a member of the Republic of Florida (ROF), a group that purportedly wants to turn the peninsula into white ethnostate.

Florida was 40% non-white as of 2005 according to Wikipedia. Nice weather there though, I do wish them the best of luck in their efforts.

When every news outlet left of Breitbard ran with that story, it was promptly debunked. So, before moving on to blame guns, the Jew media blamed white supremacy for their mistake. With the nails firmly in the white supremacy narrative’s coffin, everyone moved on.

Then it was time to blame Trump, but since Trump had no blame to be found, they predictably made stuff up. The new narrative? President Trump and the GOP made it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns, which is why there were 18 school shootings this year alone!

Now, I can understand why people would want to restrict mentally ill access to firearms. Someone pulled a gun on James Fields just moments after Dwayne Dixon did. These people are clearly unstable and should not have access to oxygen, much less firearms. Opposition to the bill in question however would have done nothing to disarm Dixon, or Cruz, and in any case it was supported by the ultra leftist ACLU.

According to NewsBusters;

The accusation that a bill designed to remove restrictions and allow the mentally ill to purchase guns was passed by the GOP and signed by President Trump had long been debunked. As the National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke wrote over a year ago, what got removed was “in layman’s terms: The rule would have allowed bureaucrats within one of our federal agencies to bar American citizens from exercising a constitutional right — and on the highly questionable grounds that to be incapable of managing one’s finances is, by definition, to be a ‘mental defective.’”

And the bill wasn’t even supported by the NRA. But it was supported by the liberal ACLU and the American Association of People with Disabilities. Yet that didn’t stop the networks from pushing lies and being appalled that the President wasn’t exploiting the situation to push gun control as their previous president did.

One of many other blatant lies peddled in the wake of the massacre was this narrative that there have been 18 school shootings this year alone. That probably shocked you to hear, since you haven’t heard about anywhere near 18 school shootings recently, and you know the Jew media would never allow you to forget any such event.

Stephen Gutowski at the Washington Free Beacon did a good job of debunking this hoax last month. The inflated number of “school shootings” comes from Everytown for Gun Safety, a leftist antigun lobby that is prone to deception, as such institutions are known to be.

This broad definition places two separate suicides, a January 9 incident where a man shot a BB gun at a bus window resulting in no injuries; a January 10 incident where a student in a criminal justice club accidentally shot a peace officer’s real gun at a target on a classroom wall instead of a training gun resulting in no injuries; a January 9 incident where gun shots were fired from somewhere outside of Cal State San Bernardino, which struck a building on campus without injuries; and other incidents next to the murder of a Winston-Salem State University student at a nightclub on the Wake Forest University campus, the January 22 shooting of a 15-year-old at a Dallas-area high school, and Tuesday’s Marshall County High School shooting which left 2 dead and 18 others injured.

The group claims to have identified 283 school shootings since 2013 using its methodology.

No wonder bulletproof backpacks are all the rage now.

If you really want to stop school shootings, I’ve got some advice. The problem is not guns, or white supremacy. Foundationally it isn’t even about drugs or mental illness. If you need to send your child to school with ballistic attire, that means your city is full of shitty people, and this can be blamed entirely on the left’s obsession with lowering and abolishing standards.

A society that accepts a man in a dress as a woman is unfit to survive. A society that holds homosexuality equal to that which perpetuates the species is committing sexual suicide. A society that lets literally anybody become a member is necessarily going to become bottom heavy in short order. Once that happens, no amount of drugging is going to alleviate the misery. No amount of wealth redistribution or economic policy tinkering is going to stop the poverty. No amount of gun control is going to stop the violence. No amount of propaganda is going to make the lies true.

Responsible immigration and reproductive policy is the whole entire purpose of the State. Once a government abandons those responsibilities, it ceases to be a state, and becomes a mere kleptocratic killing machine, complicit in all the woes of the populace.

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