Radical Agenda S03E025 – Stormer The Union

Christopher Cantwell
February 1, 2018

I know you guys have probably heard about all you need to about Trump’s first State of the Union address, I know I have. The speech was rather unremarkable by design, if you ask me. I only titled the show Stormer The Union today because I thought it sounded catchy and I am, as is the case every Thursday from 7-9am Eastern, happy to be joined by Andrew Anglin of DailyStormer.top.

Dot Top you say? What happened to Dot Red? Best as we can figure, it’s the Jews. More on that later.

I had court yesterday, and shockingly enough, the justice system in Charlottesville seems less than interested in justice. Of my three motions, only one was granted. I am now allowed to travel within the city I presently reside in, which is nice because previously I couldn’t even take the garbage out or check the mail. Since I can’t carry a gun and episode 24 of stage three was just a small sample of the death threats I’ve been receiving, this is of little other significance.

We had a motion in for a special prosecutor and a change of venue, both of which were denied.

The change of venue should be obvious. Charlottesville is a communist hellhole where authorities gave antifa license to riot because they don’t like our political opinions. Countless crimes were committed by leftists that day, and the few that have been prosecuted have been handled with kid gloves. DeAndre Harris smashed a man in the head with a flashlight in the middle of the afternoon during a robbery, for no good reason whatsoever. Then he raised $166,000 for his “medical bills” which he spent on a Mercedes and production of a rap music video. His felony was dropped to a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, I pepper sprayed a guy in self defense, then two people I didn’t pepper spray lied under oath, falsely accusing me a of a crime for the second time and third in a day, were proven to have lied, and I’m facing 40 years in prison. The media has spent the last six months telling everyone who will listen that I am a Nazi terrorist who used chemical weapons against a transgender person for the sheer joy of it.

The idea that I can get a fair trial in this place is patently absurd, and no reasonable, objective observer can deny this. Luckily, the only thing more ridiculous than the legal proceedings against me is the evidence they rely on. So if there is a shred of justice remaining, even a highly prejudiced jury should find it impossible to convict me of anything other than saying mean things on the internet.

The special prosecutor motion might be less obvious to the outside observer, but should have been a no brainer for the court. The prosecutor in my case is about to be a witness in a lawsuit I just filed in federal court, because his witnesses changed their stories after meeting with him, when video evidence emerged proving that they were lying. The content of those meetings is relevant in both the civil and criminal cases, and it may well come to pass that he gets called as a witness during my criminal trial. The whole thing gives the appearance of his knowing and active participation in an effort to frame me for crimes I did not commit.

The good news is, if they manage to so prejudice the jury as to ignore the evidence and convict me of these lies, I will have grounds for appeal. If they do not convict me (or I win on appeal), I suspect I will have grounds for a malicious prosecution lawsuit against Albemarle county and all participants in this conspiracy.

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