Radical Agenda S03E023 – Compulsory Corruption

Christopher Cantwell
January 31, 2018

Previously, on the Radical Agenda, we spent a great deal of time talking about truth. Today, let us discuss something we have in far greater abundance. Lies.

I just watched a video from Campus Reform where students were asked what they thought about President Trump’s State of the Union address from the previous night. The punchline is, the SOTU address had not yet occurred, but that did not prevent these young students from proclaiming it to be the most racist, stupid, evil thing ever. These young people, who are spending many thousands of dollars to supposedly get an education, are purposely speaking from a position of total ignorance as if they were qualified to guide the ship of State, and lying about their knowledge.

Worse than this, I imagine if you connected each of them to a polygraph, their answers would register as truthful. None of them showed any signs of being uncomfortable with their deception. It’s just normal. They are doing exactly what they think is expected of them.

This is not limited to our college campuses. It is pervasive throughout our society. In a near limitless range of topics, lies are compulsory. To tell the truth will result in one’s utter destruction. Truth is no defense when dealing with the thought police.

This might not be such a major concern if it were limited to politely paving over trivial matters that made people uncomfortable. Sadly, it is matters of the greatest importance which we are not allowed to discuss. Politics, economics, and race lead the way.

Think about the implications with police for example. Everyone is always accusing the police of racism. Insofar as this implies they are out hunting negroes for sport, this accusation is ridiculous. Sadly, though this is how it is often painted, what they actually mean is that law and order and justice are white concepts, and thus racist. Moreover, it would be impossible for police not notice certain patterns developing as they go about investigating crime.

If a police officer is discovered to be a racist, he will face penalties which may lead to his termination or even prosecution. Thus, in order to be a police officer, one is compelled to lie. Do you think your life is improved by having a dishonest police force?

People always complain about corrupt politicians. Where does this corruption stem from? We can come up with a limitless stream of answers, to be sure, but since race is the single most salient detail in any political calculation, and race is impossible to discuss honestly, it literally becomes impossible to elect an honest politician. Do you think your life is improved by electing liars?

Major corporations are met with accusations of racism for hiring mostly white males. They are forbidden from admitting that white men are being hired as a result of their greater fitness for the job. So, a “diversity program” is implemented, purposely hiring and promoting the incompetent over the capable, and paving over the poor performance of the diversity hire. Nobody dare point out the problem, for fear of retribution. How much of your life is trusted to Google? To Facebook? To some other corporate entity with such a program in place? Do you think your life is improved by handing your most sensitive data to a corporation whose entire business model is based on lies?

Economists are set with the task of explaining inequality in our society. Stating the obvious truth that racial economic inequality is due to racial differences is forbidden from the discourse. So economists come up with alternative answers that have no basis in reality, and this is what government economic policy is set by. Do you think your life is improved by dishonest economic policy?

Our universities are not teaching our children nonsense due to its mere profitability. They must (in theory) train the young for success in the job market. Teaching them that Jews are subversive or that blacks are less intelligent will not accomplish this goal. So the children are taught popular lies instead. Do you think your life is improved by a dishonest education system?

Don’t even get me started on the media. More and more by the day it seems the entire purpose of these institutions is to attack anyone who dares to tell the truth about anything of importance. Blacks slaughtering one another in staggering numbers? Must be the guns. Economy in the toilet? Taxes must be too low. Ethnic conflict? Blame the least ethnocentric demographic in the country. Do you think your life is improved by the nation’s information services being controlled by liars?

In every major field of influence, lies are not only acceptable, but compulsory. Truth is punished by social ostracism, economic sanction, legal penalties, and violence. Lies are rewarded with money, status, and sex. We are not just chasing honesty out of our society, we are breeding it out as well.

On the previous episode we talked about honest communication being the core doctrine of Christianity. On what seems like every other episode, we talk about Jewish lies.

This is the catastrophe of Jewish influence, and multiculturalism more broadly. All of our institutions have been turned away from rewarding the honest behavior of our Christian majority, and heaping the greatest rewards to Jewish lies. We aren’t just becoming corrupted, we’re creating Jews.

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