Radical Agenda S03E008 – Day One

Christopher Cantwell
January 3, 2018

Welcome to the current year! As people the world over shake their hangovers and get to work on breaking their New Year’s resolutions, we here at the Radical Agenda are gearing up for what is certainly going to be the most exciting year in modern history. I learned last year that our rivals will contemplate no limits on their depravity, violence, and escalations.  As the midterm elections approach, we can expect unprecedented levels of calumny and terrorism.

That’s just fine with us. Another lesson I learned, or more accurately, was reminded of, is the importance of using the opponent’s energy against them. While the last year has been harrowing, to say the least, it has made us stronger, wiser, and more notorious. In all likelihood, it will also make us wealthier as the media hysteria fails to hold up under the scrutiny of the courtroom.

Speaking of courtrooms, we should try and stay out of them unless it is to sue somebody. In the wake of Unite the Right, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer made an apt comparison to Hitler’s “Beer Hall Putsch,” an attempt to seize power by force which resulted in Hitler going to prison. It was during that incarceration that Mein Kampf was written.

While we all realize by now that democracy is inherently degenerate, it is for better or worse the means by which political decisions are made today. If we want to abolish it, we’ll first need to master it. The reason our enemies censor us online, interfere with our finances, and fight us in the streets, is because they know we will gain the support of the public if we are heard.

In Mark Bray’s book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, he rightly pointed out that fascist revolutions have never been successful. We always gain power legally. This is more terrifying to our rivals than any number of street fighters or gunmen. They would rather lay down their own lives fighting us in the streets, than live to old age under our rule. If we really want to punish them, we must be Republicans, not revolutionaries.

This is not to say we should descend into optics cucking. Far from it. Anyone who dares punch right should be descended upon with all of the venom we can muster. However, we should master the art of the dog whistle, and allow our more respectable counterparts space to operate, so long as they do not commit this cardinal sin.

Now that we have learned not to underestimate our rivals, let us learn not to underestimate ourselves. I have most certainly been guilty of this myself. I never imagined we would have as much power as we do today, and at times this led me to act foolishly. Going forward, we’ll need to be more prudent, so that we can compel our rivals to pay for the helicopters we’ll eventually be throwing them out of, through the tax code.

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