Radical Agenda Ep. 347 – Antifa Violence

Christopher Cantwell
Radical Agenda
September 16, 2017

This episode of the Radical Agenda was originally intended to be the second episode of LIVE from Seg! but Chris felt that the subject matter warranted the creation of episode 347.

In this episode, Chris and Jared cover a long list of violent incidents involving Antifa in the year leading up to Unite the Right in Charlottesville, as well as a few other select pieces of news coverage about this neo-Bolshevik organization.

Antifa did NOT occur as a response to Trump, Chris, or the Alt-Right; Antifa has been around for several years. After three consecutive “Summers of Rage”, they are now starting to get media attention but this is not a new phenomenon.

The Washington Post article read by Chris in the beginning of the episode is located here.

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