Radical Agenda Ep. 330 – Medi-Cal Inequality

Christopher Cantwell
July 19, 2017

Latinos in California are suing the state for unequal access to health care they claim is racially biased. The reasoning for the suit is that California has created a “separate and unequal system of health care, one for the insurance program with the largest proportion of Latinos (Medi-Cal), and one for the other principal insurance plans, whose recipients are disproportionately white,” according to court filings.

In other words, California’s health care system is racist, because white people get better services than Latinos, on account of the fact that white people pay for their health care, and Latinos receive theirs at the expense of the taxpayers, who you might not be surprised to find out, are also disproportionately white.

We have literally reached a point in America, where recipients of government benefits for the supposedly indigent, have become convinced they are entitled to all the same comforts and accommodations as successful, capable, people who sustain themselves. This obviously would be unworkable and catastrophic, even if America were entirely made up of genetic equals, all capable of the same accomplishments. The fact that public policy has spent the last 60 years operating under the delusion that “diversity is our strength” has only compounded the problem. Inequality of outcome is a feature of the human condition even in a racially homogenous society. Pouring the productive efforts of whites into the money burning pit of non-white degeneracy, is like shooting a hole in a car’s gas tank and heading out for a cross country road trip.

America has gotten to a point where heart surgeons and mathematicians are expected to share a bank account with mental patients and farm laborers. The only accounting permitted on this ledger, is to be certain benefits are metered out equally. Inequality of contributions thereto are features of the system, not bugs. The idea that a more capable person could receive better outcomes than an incapable person is viewed as a violent imposition upon the less capable. Even if the capable are drained of half or more of what they produce, the inequality of the benefit is the only imbalance leftists are willing to consider.

They are not waiting for a “single payer” plan to pass the California legislature. They are simply operating under the assumption that everyone within the geographical boundary of California is entitled to medical services without regard for production or contribution. Just like they aren’t waiting for “hate speech” to be banned before they assault you for it in the street. Just like they aren’t waiting for Trump to commit any “high crimes or misdemeanors” before his impeachment. They do not care about the law, only their own will.

This is why “leftist authoritarians” and “liberal fascism” are nonsensical contradictory terms. While leftists love to wield State power, expand the size and scope of government, and care quite little for anything you and I would recognize as freedom, they are still in a sense anti authoritarian. They only use the State apparatus as a mechanism by which to facilitate their own rule breaking. Laws and authority have little relationship to what they do while in office, except as a means by which to convince the populace that their criminality is to go unpunished.

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