Radical Agenda Ep. 312 – Trojan Whores

Christopher Cantwell
June 6, 2017

Laci Green has gone full 1488 and is curb stomping degenerates as we speak. Well, not exactly, but that’s how she is being treated by Everyday Feminism and other communist propaganda outfits who once adored the bubbly YouTuber who made a career out of promoting degeneracy.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a leap. Cassandra Fairbanks used to call herself an anarcho-communist, until her fellow ancoms took issue with her shoe collection. Then she called herself an anarcho-capitalist, before going on to support democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. When Sanders’s relevancy tanked in the wake of losing the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton, she realized that supporting Donald Trump was the best way of garnering male attention. She’s now suing a Fusion reporter for accusing her of being a white supremacist, after having a photo taken with Mike Cernovich making the OK hand sign.

Both stories provide us with excellent examples of why the 19th amendment should be repealed, and why the alt-right needs to be skeptical of enemy turncoats who seek to join our ranks. It’s one thing for somebody to change their opinions when presented with new information, it’s quite another for radical movements to welcome enemy females into their ranks without having shown any coherent reasoning for their ideological turn.

Both of these degenerates are still foundationally egalitarians. They only took an interest in reactionary movements after their communist allies turned on them. If the only requirement for being taken seriously in right wing circles is being called names by the most deranged elements of the left, then we’ll certainly grow our ranks in short order as the inconsistencies inherent in leftist ideology continue to fuel their cannibalistic feeding frenzies. We’ll also put ourselves on the fast track to becoming as irrelevant and debauched as the libertarians, because that’s exactly how that once intellectually stimulating movement became little more than a Soros funded commercial for transgenderism.

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