Radical Agenda Ep. 296 – Repeal

Christopher Cantwell
May 6, 2017

Well, it took over 100 days, but the house finally passed a repeal of Obamacare! Well, except for that part about completely defeating the purpose of insurance by forbidding discrimination against “pre-existing conditions”. Oh, and that part about kids staying on their parent’s plan until they’re 26. And all the other major parts of the legislation.

It’s official, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new entitlement program. With Obamacare fully secured as a fixture of the American healthcare system, we are just a few years away from a single payer government run health care system that will pretty much put an end to innovation in the medical industry.

It was fun while it lasted. America held out longer than most industrialized nations before succumbing to the whines of unproductive voters, and the world benefitted greatly from it. Now there is scarcely a place on Earth where medical science can advance with a profit motive, and though that advancement will abruptly cease, at least we’ll no longer be subsidizing those advancements for the rest of the world.

In other news, Venice has banned kebab. It turns out those long conversations I have with myself in the dark are actually making me more intelligent, and my vulgarity has been making me stronger this whole time.

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