Rachel Maddow’s Whole Business Model Just Went Under

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

Half a million Americans who really thought that Rachel Maddow knew something they didn’t about this whole Russian thing just felt their whole world caving in.

They trusted her. And she let them down. The Prophet was a liar.

Daily Caller:

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow lost half of a million viewers in just one week after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report indicated that he did not find enough evidence to support collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Maddow has been one of the most prominent voices on the collusion conspiracy, spending most of her programs over the past two years on allegations that President Donald Trump coordinated with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election. Maddow struggled to hold back tears as she delivered her opening monologue last Friday, clearly stunned that Mueller did not bring any indictments against the president or his family.

The implosion of the Russian collusion narrative damaged more than just Maddow’s ego — it, at least temporarily, destroyed her ratings.

“The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC delivered monster ratings for the network, cementing the cable host as the left-wing foil to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Maddow consistently finished 1st or 2nd in overall cable news ratings over the past year, sometimes garnering more than 3 million viewers.

But according to The Daily Beast, Maddow’s show dropped 500,000 viewers in just one week after the Mueller report dropped. 

The only thing that was propping Maddow’s show this whole time was the Russian Collaboration hoax.

It was the only thing that kept the leftist media going this whole time. Every day they were screaming “SCANDAL!” at the top of their lungs. Literally counting down the days until 2020, as if they were in a gulag, serving their time.

Remember, in their minds, they couldn’t have lost the election because they were rejected by America, no. It had to be the Russians. Maddow and the other media elite were basically glorified psychiatry-therapists for shell-shocked liberals over the last 2, going on 3 years. They were getting paid to sooth-say and presumably prevent liberals from literally committing suicide en masse.

“Hold on there! Don’t give in! There’s still a chance that we can get him! Illegitimate! Putin! The elections!” 

But now only the die-hards remain.

The Mueller report has come and gone and Maddow is in total damage control. This video was difficult to watch.

She was blinking a lot, stuttering and you could just feel the defeat in her voice. This is because she was grasping at straws, mang.

I mean really grasping at straws.

She’s committed to this story though. Rachel is Ms. Russiagate. She’ll keep going ahead with this thing. They’ll yank her off the air if the ratings continue tanking though. There’s no way that you can recover your credibility after a performance like that. Even among liberals. They’ve all been let down. It’s personal and emotional now.

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  1. There isn’t any meritocracy in her business. (((They’ll))) always find a place for this disgusting jewish dyke somewhere.

  2. I still think her dick is bigger than chris hayes’.

  3. Exactly. She’ll never be short of seven figure job offers.

    What a world…

  4. On the Fox news radio channel they keep saying they were “Right all along.”
    Fox is now Zio-central though.

  5. Goys need more faith in the jews. Within a month they will have the next scare story or hoax. Besides the jews are less concerned with maximizing ratings than they are with hating white people.

    They will try out a few scares and something will eventually hit.

  6. Very possible.

    The basement for failed whites is homelessness and freezing to death. The basement for failed Jews is a six figure teaching job with full benefits.

  7. We need to be talking more about The Big Lie out in public following the end of this Russia Hoax, the Kavanaugh Hoax etc. It’s great because it links to the Mein Kampf Big Lie fallacy beloved of shitlibs and boomercons who so often claim it was a Nazi tactic, rather than (in reality) it was Hitler talking about the strategy of Jews. Jews ‘twitch’ and kvetch when you start talking about The Big Lie. Case in point…

    ”In the big lie, there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie.” (Uncle A)

    The Big Lie works both because of the effort required to refute is so much higher, and because it recruits so many acolytes who invest themselves in it and who are loathe to let go of the cost they have sunk in it. Maddow is an acolyte.

  8. UnCL3 says:

  9. Madcow always seemed to enjoy criticizing Trump and the Repubs just a little too much–
    the venom is spewed so naturally…almost as if scorn and contempt were in her DNA…

  10. A while back, I suggested replying to kikes with obvious jewish surnames on Twitter, by addressing them only by their jewy-sounding surnames–Mr. Greenbaum, Ms. Liebowitz, etc.

    It’s a blatant dog whistle couched in mock politeness that draws attention to their ethnic identity while still adhering to the letter of Twitter’s terms of service. The jews will know exactly what you’re up to of course, but what are they going to do? Many of them will not be able to handle all this passive-aggressive needling and they’ll start acting rash. Paranoid, angry jews say outrageous things and blow their cover.

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