Race-Mixing Doofus Jeb Bush Selling $75 Guacamole Bowls to Help Finance His Presidential Campaign

Daily Slave
August 6, 2015

Jeb Bush – currently campaigning to become President of Mexico.

The race mixing doofus Jeb Bush is actually selling $75 guacamole bowls to help finance his presidential campaign.

First off, selling such an item is offensive to White Americans.

Secondly, how can you sell something like this for $75? ¬†The American economy is in the toilet. ¬†People can barely afford the essentials yet this clown is asking people to buy a guacamole bowl for $75. ¬†That’s like two or three tanks of gas depending on the vehicle.

Perhaps all of the sexual relations he has had with his Mexican wife has made Jeb an extremely confused individual.  He literally now thinks he is part of the Hispanic community and he seems to think that he is running for President of Mexico.  Hopefully customs officials will arrest him and send him across the border.  He clearly has no business being in America.

What a great deal. Normally such an item costs $6,000,000.

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