Rabbinical Council Gathers in Whitefish Montana To Fight Daily Stormer

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2017


Jewish power is so ferocious it even leaves me in awe at times.

Every week, Daily Stormer undergoes massive, professional DDOS attacks presumably by state actors (guess who), is blocked by every credit card processor and advertisement company in the world, is blacklisted by numerous ISPs world wide, and attempts are constantly being made to attack and intimidate the extended families of its journalists. It’s not hard to see how the Jews were even able to cow a man with the vast fortune and connections of Henry Ford.

The editorial line of the Daily Stormer is mild compared to the Talmud, or even a (((Noel Ignatiev))) lecture, yet world Jewry is constantly breaking every law imaginable to silence political dissidents and nobody dares say anything about it. We bend over backwards to stay within all legal paradigms when engaging in our First Amendment rights, but this corrupt system uses everything from agent provocateurs to libel to violent threats make it as difficult as possible.

But our flag is going forward anyway. No matter what it costs, we have to win!

Now the procurers of hate and baby-fellatio are flying in from all over the place to Whitefish, Montana – not for any just or noble cause, but to provide cover for a member of the Kosher Nostra, Tanya Gersh, who was trying to extort the mother of Richard Spencer (who doesn’t even say much about Jews to begin with).

No other religion or ethnic group would behave in this manner. Every time you read a typical one-sided account about a historical dispute between a Jew and a Gentile, keep this ongoing feud in mind.


Orthodox Jewish rabbis said Wednesday they will counter white supremacists’ harassment of the Jewish community in the Montana town of Whitefish by sending students to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and by mailing a Torah to every Jewish family in the state.

The delegation of rabbis from Canada and across the U.S. presented Montana Gov. Steve Bullock with a copy of the holy text and thanking him for defending the state’s Jewish residents.

“We hope to inspire you to be a source of strength in the future for the Jewish community and that these horrible threats and terrible words of bullying and intimidation never come to a reality,” said Shmuel Herzfeld, rabbi of the prominent Ohev Sholom congregation in Washington, D.C.

Whitefish became a focal point for white supremacist anger late last year after the mother of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer said a local real estate agent pressured her to sell her property in town.

She didn’t just say it – she also released the emails proving it.

The authenticity of these emails has never been in question, yet the Associated Press, along with the rest of the Jewish-controlled media, continue to refer to this extortion racket as if it were a conspiracy theory.

The delegation of rabbis arrived in Montana from Washington, D.C.; Montreal; Sacramento, California; and San Antonio, Texas. They were hosted by Orthodox rabbis from Bozeman and Missoula.

The group said they have raised enough money so far to send Torahs to 350 of the estimated 1,500 Jewish families in Montana. They also plan to raise money through their congregations to send four non-Jewish students from Whitefish to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland. After the trip, the students would then travel the state and tell other students what they learned.

The delegation also met with legislative leaders and representatives from northwestern Montana before they headed to Whitefish to meet with Jewish community members.

Governor Steve Bullock gets most of his political donations/bribes from lawyers, lobbyists and real estate speculators, which  is precisely why white victims of Jewish bigotry have no representatives in Montana.

Pulling out the Holocaust card does nothing but highlight the intersectionality of all these seemingly unrelated events and narrative threads. That is, the issue is that no individual Jew, no matter how secular or religious or evil or criminal, acts in isolation; he is part of a network – World Jewry – and the only reasonable defense is to ape their collectivism and oppose them as a collective political entity.

The problem is that these Jews are fighting against an earthquake that no amount of criminal activity or lying can contain. It’s the zeitgeist, and no Tay-Sachsoid can will himself over this emerging historic spirit.

Their tricks aren’t working anymore.