Queen of England is Forced Into the Negro Section of Train (Bad Economy)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

“I’m deeply sorry, Your Majesty, but I have my orders – you have to ride the niggertrain to work today. It’s because of the economy and Brexit or some such.”

So now the poor old queen is being forced to ride the Negro train to work?

Cromwell, what hell hath thou wrought upon England?

USA Today:

All aboard, Meghan Markle!

The new Duchess Meghan of Sussex is getting a master’s-class lesson in her new royal job — from Queen Elizabeth II, no less — with an unprecedented invitation to board The Royal Train for a day of solo engagements with Her Majesty in Cheshire on Thursday.

After an overnight rail trip Wednesday, the 92-year-old monarch and her 36-year-old granddaughter-in-law arrived in northwest England, about 165 miles from London, with a to-do schedule that includes a variety of typical royal engagements: They’re opening a new bridge, visiting a theater and having lunch with local big-wigs.

Meghan wore an off-white, form-fitting dress with a stylish black belt, while the queen was resplendent in a lime green coat with a matching hat, white gloves and a black purse.

It’s not unusual the queen would schedule a day of engagements with a new member of the royal family, although it is somewhat early: The American-born duchess married the queen’s grandson, Prince Harry, now Duke of Sussex, less than a month ago, on May 19, in a spectacular wedding that blended royal tradition and American zest.

The queen is making sure Meghan gets all the help she might need in adapting to her new royal duties — and who better to show her the ropes than someone who’s been on the job since she was a teen princess.

“Show her the ropes,” lol.

I’m not touching that one.

But seriously, guys.

This is England now:

I ain’t even feeling mad right now.

It’s really too surreal to even be mad about.

At least that is my present feeling, looking at it.


I just want to say to all yall muffuggahs who got mad when I said as mulattoes go, Zendaya looks less like a monkey than Meghan Markle – Meghan has had more surgery and lightened her skin more.

Plus, yall were using this picture of Zendaya to try to prove Markle was less monkeylike.


Post-surgery Zendaya is less monkeylike than post-surgery Markle.

But rather than talking about which mulatto has the best plastic surgery, we should maybe be laughing about the fact that “plastic surgery to make her more attractive” is the same thing as “plastic surgery to make her features more like a white person’s and less like a black person’s.”

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