Queen Maxine Chimps Out Because Not Enough People Believe in Russian Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2018

The Russian hoax is easy for Queen Maxine to believe, because she has an 80 IQ and is all hopped up on Jewish race propaganda.

“Dat white man ober der be helpin dis white man ober her to do an oppression on da black folk” is an easy narrative for a negroid to follow.

She is shocked – simply shocked – that more Americans do not understand this very simple dynamic.

The Hill:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Sunday expressed concern that Americans do not fully understand what she called the “danger” of President Trump and his actions regarding the Russia investigation.

Waters, one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the House, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that despite the multiple indictments that have resulted from the investigation, American people do not fully understand the connections between Trump and Russia.

“They should know that something is terribly wrong,” Waters said.

“Given all we have learned about this president, all the connections of his allies and the people around him to Russia … there’s not an understanding about the danger of this president and the way that he has lied,” she added.

Waters also said that she finds it “frustrating” that neither Republicans nor Democrats have taken what she thinks is an appropriate stance against the president.

“The Republicans are not standing up and parting from this man, and the Democrats feel that if somehow we continue to talk about him or focus on him that that’s going to go against us rather than help us.”

“I believe he is dangerous,” she added. “Unless we move collectively in a bipartisan way, this man is going to be very destructive to our democracy.”

Waters has frequently called for Trump’s impeachment.

Waters is really good for us, of course.

She makes this whole thing look as ridiculous as it is, because she can only understand it on the cartoonish level it exists on. Jews can use a bunch of confusing terms and lead you down these different complex paths of potential scenarios.

But she can’t.

She can just say “whites are all working together against me.”

And with recent developments, so many people are backing off of this Russia thing, she is just going nuts and has basically become the TV face of it.

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